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The Firsts Channeling, June 6, 2007

     Good universe.  We are the Firsts.  Well the room hasn’t changed, but the people have.  Energies have shifted a lot, a little.  It’s good to be back with you again.  Today we’re going to be talking with you about some concepts that are underdeveloped on planet earth.  Perceptions, personal paradigms, and why you haven’t ascended.  So one of the first things we’d like to do is write something for you. 
     In modern day earth minds, concepts, qualities, esoteric energies are handled in many different ways.  When people handle the concept love, it is here.  It is all by itself on one sheet of paper.  When people handle the concept fear, it is over here.  When the concept of fear is in your mind and your heart, the concept of love takes a back seat; in fact is in the back at the end of the bus.  So in the normal human mind, love and fear are on two different pages.
     As you spiritually progress and as you come into you spiritual learning, you realize that fear is the opposite of love.  And as you do your personal work, you realize that love and fear are separate energies and that you may put love above fear or you may put fear above love in your life.  Some people live struggled lives, challenged lives.  They have poverty consciousness.  They have fear of not being loved.  So fear may be on the top and love may be on the bottom.  But in the subconscious, unconscious mind, love and fear are separate.  It’s either one or the other.  And when you get in a fear state and you remember that fear is the opposite of love, you bring in the love.  When you get in the love state you understand that love starts healing the fear. 
     When we even get more evolved in consciousness, love and fear start having a dotted line between them.  “I’m afraid of spiders.  I wonder how God created so many creatures.  Look at all the flies the spiders eat.  They serve a purpose.  I’m going to have some respect for the spider and throw it outside or leave it in the garden.”  So love and fear are not separated in consciousness; they are blended in consciousness.  Whatever you fear gets love.  With whatever you love, you can taste the fear.  Starr loves Art a lot and sometimes her fear of losing him is there and her love overpowers it.  What happens with more spiritually advanced people is that there is a dotted line between love and fear and they swirl between each other so that you fear that spider but you love that it eats flies and you love that it’s part of nature and that God had, that Source had, that amino acids had, that DNA had so many structures to create here on planet earth.
     In the Eternals and in the Firsts, we do not have flatland concepts.  How many people have read a book called flatland here?  Starr has ordered the movie.  Flatland is a place where consciousness has no height so you could be looking at a pyramid, a triangle, and you would see just a dot.  You could be looking at a line that looks just like a line and it could be the side of a pyramid.  So in the Firsts coming to planet Earth, we would like you to understand that when you have love on one paper and fear on the other, that they are separate. 
     The spiritual teachers talk to you over and over again:  don’t be separate.  We are all one.  When you separate, you disconnect.  Starr says that she’s one with heroine; she helps people get off of it.  She’s one with prostitution; she helps people heal themselves.  If there is anything in your life that you’re not one with, then you are remaining in flatland consciousness.  And flatland is perceiving it without any height and without any depth. 
     And the human brain up until now has been trained in your thought processes and your paradigms to think of esoteric, energetic concepts as being flat.  Starr talks about timelines and how the past runs behind and the future runs in front and how the curanderos have spiral, multidimensional timelines.  In the upcoming years, your consciousness, how you conceive ideas, esoteric energies, emotions is going to shift in depth and in height.  You’re going to have to conceive in your mind that your limitations of being spirit in body and also the limitations free will causes—even though you have free will you can choose anything but once you do something, you’re committed and everything else goes away.  So let’s take some earth simple energies.  And I want you to understand that for you to be able to use the higher dimensions, for you to be able to ascend, that your linear thinking, your conceptual paradigms have to shift.
     So on one side of this pyramid I am going to write love.  And on the other side of this pyramid.  So what would be the appropriate energies for the other sides?  I am going to write “one” on the bottom.  So you become one with love and fear.  I’m going to put body between fear and love and I’m going to put spirit on the other side.  Because once again, we’re so busy thinking and feeling on this linear flatland that this is a way your new construct, your new paradigms will be.  You know you love spirit, fear body but it is all one.  It is all one.  It is the base of one.  Although you will see many different bases, the opposite of love is fear. 
     Without healthy fear on the planet, bodies would be damaged that hold spirit.  You have an appropriate fear of driving your car so you become safe.  You have an appropriate fear of spoiled food because you had stomach poisoning before.  The appropriateness is to take love off that one sheet of paper.  Well this is love.  What is love?  Connection, intimacy, trust, communication, relationship.  What is fear?  Fear is false energy appearing real, Starr says.  She has six or seven other little acronyms for fear.  Fear is really future energy and it’s out of the now.  The point once again: if you look at this pyramid this way from flatland, you see this point.  If you look at this pyramid this way, you see this line.  You’re not getting the width and the depth in your concepts and in your mind.  Ascension is about energetically bringing your heart, thought, and soul processes to new heights and widths.  And that is a quote from the Firsts so put quotes around that. 
     So love is one page and fear is on the other page.  Most of you are more spiritually educated than that.  Most people think the opposite of love is hate but it is not; it is fear.  So you have to understand the concept that mankind has to come from love and hate on two separate pages to love and hate on the same page with a line where nothing gets drawn to love and hate with the dotted line where I hate spiders but I’ve got a spider in the corner of my house that has 50 mosquitoes in it and so I love the spider because he’s going to eat those mosquitoes.  And once again the base that you don’t get.  And in ways you do get.  You have something that children learn very early in kindergarten.  It is called the Golden Rule to treat someone like you want to be treated.  You tell your children not to hit another kid because it’s not how they want to be treated.  We learn this when we go into school.  And then we watch the other kids bully.  We watch the other kids hate.  We watch the other kids over-love their toys so much that they won’t share.  And we forget the golden rule.  And most kids are kind of taught this by their mothers but by about 40 years old, human beings usually become self-effacing, self-centered, numb, or dumb. 
     So the new primary paradigm is going to be to connect your consciousness with depth and height.  So what is the depth of fear in the body?  The depth of fear in the body is injury and death.  The depth of spirit and fear is the unknown—what don’t I know about spirit?  The depth of love and spirit is, “Do they love me because I’m pretty?  Do they love me for my mind?  Do they love me for my money?”  The depth of body and love is self-esteem.  All of this is based on the concept of one.  The concept of one is not one with a million people.  The concept of one is all bodies and all spirits—thought and heart paradigms being accessible through earth consciousness to all that are here.  So sacred geometry plays an important part with the Firsts.  The linear thinking of mankind has put mankind into a dilemma.  Wars.  I want what that person has and I am going to take it.  Not I want what that person has so I’m going to ask them to share or to tell me how to get it.  Figure out ways how to acquire it honestly and earnestly.  So do we understand linear thinking?  Do we understand where humans are with love and fear as two different pieces of paper?
     So I find this a very interesting concept.  Change your slang.  Did you get the point?  There is not one point; there are many points.  Did you get the points?  Put it down as Firsts slang.  Did you get the points?
     So Starr’s been lecturing on something and working on something.  And on this one I am going to write prosperity.  But the opposite of prosperity isn’t poverty; the opposite of prosperity is struggle.  Now what are we going to put on the other two sides? 
ZABE:  Gratitude.
FIRSTS:  How did you get that?
ZABE:  I just heard it.
FIRSTS:  That’s very good word—exactly what we were going to put there.  What is the opposite of gratitude?  
STUDENT:  Forgiveness.
FIRSTS:  No, forgiveness and gratitude are brother and sister and they go hand in hand. 
STUDENT:  Indifference?
FIRSTS:  Hmm.  I think indifference is the middle of the road.
STUDENT:  Pity?  Self-pity?
FIRSTS:  You with the purple aura.  What’s the opposite of gratitude?
MARLENA:  Denial.
FIRSTS:  Yes.  Give me another name for that.  It starts with a G.
STUDENT: Ignorance?
FIRSTS:  That’s neutral.  When you’re ignorant, you can be educated.  The greatest sin of mankind is when they know better and don’t.  Starr teaches that.  It starts with G and it is not gravity.
FIRSTS:  Exactly.  So there’s greed.  So it reads struggle, greed, prosperity, gratitude.  Gratitude for struggle gives greed prosperity.  What is the foundation of this particular paradigm?
YVONNE:  Trust?
FIRSTS:  Close.  It has to be connection where earth and spirit come together.  Connection between prosperity and greed—you’ve got to get rid of it.  Connection between prosperity and struggle—you’ve got to get rid of it.  Prosperity to connection to struggle.  So it’s all connected.  Now imagine this in you brain.  I want you to build a pyramid in your brain between prosperity and gratitude, struggle and greed.  Now connect it.  Getting rid of greed gives you prosperity and if you have gratitude, you no longer struggle.  It is all connected.  I don’t care how spiritually minded you are, like Starr says, you can do affirmation after affirmation after affirmation.  If you do not take action steps—verbally saying something, making a phone call, verbally asking for something—if you do not make a connection with the earth and spirit plane then it does not manifest. 
     And make an appropriate connection.  I hate those bills.  Bills are on the physical plane.  You hate bills?  God’s going to make you love them.  Source is very efficient.  Whatever you say you hate, you’re going to get more and more of until you actually love it.  So if you hate struggle, then you’re going to get more and more struggle until you actually love struggle as a process for you to mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically advance.  So the connection to prosperity, the connection to gratitude, the connection to not struggling any longer or not being greedy any longer is important for you to understand.  They cannot be on a separate piece of paper.  Prosperity, greed, gratitude, and struggle are all sides of the pyramid of connection.  You’ve got to let go of that struggle to get that prosperity.  You’ve got to let go of that greed in order to have true gratitude.  And it is sad to say that most people think “thank you” and do not bring their heart into it.  They have no idea how to bring their heart into it.  They say, “Oh yeah, I’m grateful but when am I going to win the lottery.  Oh yeah, I’m grateful but when am I going to have another mate?  Oh yeah, I’m grateful . . . and we know what Starr thinks about “yeah.”  So I want you to understand that we’re paradigm building.  We’re paradigm building right now.
     When we get more advanced, we’re going to paradigm build this and when we get more advanced we’re going to paradigm build this.  Right now the download is too big for dodecahedron.  But we’re going to work on another paradigm—another pyramid for you.  What pyramid would you like to work on, Zabe’?
ZABE:  Self-love.
FIRSTS:  So we’re going to write self-love here.  So if self-love is on one side and fear is the opposite of love, then we’re going to put self-fear on the other side.  Now remember there are two separate pieces of paper.  If it’s your issue, be it struggle, prosperity, poverty consciousness, know that it’s on two separate pieces of paper.  In your consciousness you’ve got to bring it together on one piece of paper.  Then you’ve got to find a way to make holes in that line.  Eight times a day spiders eat their weight in insects.  Snakes eat rodents so snakes are good.  Everything has a purpose whether you see that, feel that, know that on your own.  So self-love on one side, self-fear on the other side.
     Inge, what has to go on the blank sides?  One is on the bottom.  Light and dark.  So you have fear of the light and is dark the right word here?  Maybe Starr would say unripe.  Light and unripe.  So in the bible according to Lamsa, there were original Aramaic words—about one-hundred and forty—and each word had 2, 4, 6 meanings and you could translate it any way that you want it to.  So in the Garden of Eden when Eve ate of the apple of evil, another name for evil is unripe.  And people are not evil.  They are just unripe.  Now would I sit and argue with a born again Christian about metaphysical concepts?  Probably 99% no.  They are unripe to Starr’s belief system.  They are unripe.  So we’ve got light and unripe.  Because dark shadow, your shadow, is the things that you need to move away from you so that you can have more light.  Your shadow is not bad. 
      And people process themselves a lot, Zabe’, like this.  “Oooh, I screwed that up and that is all me.”  But they forget the sixteen things that they did well.  And people can come from the unripe part of them so big that they have to realize that the self-fear of the light, their own power, is what gets in the way of them being one.  So the concept unripe is more in alignment with the Firsts’ thinking than the concept of evil.  You do have people who are chosen to be assholes this lifetime to show you how not to be.  And it was a hard choice for them.  Do you come in, be good, have everybody applaud you so that you get lots of praise or do you come in and teach people how not to be?   It is an asshole, forsaken job.  So there’s self-love, and if you are unripe, there is self-fear, and after that comes the light.  No matter which way you turn this paradigm, the angels—and angels are another word for angles—do you have a 61 degree angel or do you have a 63 degree angel?  Angels and angles have one letter difference.  So this is the paradigm that has to grow in your head.
     This is an octahedron, octo coming from the word octopus—no, eight.  And basically what this is is that the top pyramid is the pyramid of spirit and the bottom pyramid is the pyramid of body.  When these two pyramids come together, spirit is stretched to its widest.  Physical plane action is stretched to its widest.  To be able to conceive a paradigm like this, we’ve had several people on planet earth who could do this.  Tesla, Einstein, Hawking, Quick, several other people in history who could consciously perceive mathematically . . .
EMILY:  Sir Isaac Newton?  The guy who named gravity and came up with calculus?
FIRSTS:  Oh, he wasn’t the first.  He had pyramid thinking.  He was good for his time on planet earth.  Like Pythagoras, Plato—all those people had pyramid thinking.
     So what we want to do is have a little bit of explanation here.  This one may be difficult to follow for you coming from flat land.  We’re going to choose another color because we’re not liking all the orange on Starr’s hand.  I’m going to make it and then you’re each going to talk about it to me to see . . .  Oh, I don’t know my earth letters that well.  Let’s see if I can steal the spelling out of your heads. 
     Talk to me about that octahedron. 
INGE:  You have . . .
FIRSTS:  No, I do not have.  Universal consciousness has.
INGE:  One and connected as the opposite (*bottom).
FIRSTS:  Why do you think that is?
INGE:  It’s about universal bringing together of everything.
FIRSTS:  You’re one if spirit and body are connected.  You’re one if earth and spirit are connected.  You’re one if you can connect your consciousness with earth consciousness or even if you can connect your consciousness with other people’s consciousness.  It’s a very important paradigm and that deserves several paragraphs in and of itself.  Now repeat it to me again.
INGE:  One and connected.
FIRSTS:  How can you be connected if you’re one—you’re whole—I do understand that.  If you turn on the faucet, the faucet and water are one.  But if there isn’t any water, you have an empty faucet.  Next.
INGE:  The next one is unripe and fear. 
FIRSTS:  Maybe the more unripe you are, the more fear you have and the more fear you have, the more unripe you are.  How many people have seen people create fear in their life?  How many people have seen people create fear out of nothing at all and how does that lengthen your process of ripening.  I keep thinking of a green apple hanging in a tree and a little kid coming along and eating that green apple and getting sick and saying all apples are bad.  They’re not bad.  There’s a time of ripeness.  All souls must become ripe.  And sometimes you ripen to art, sometimes you ripen to spirituality, sometimes you ripen to intellect.  Eventually you ripen to all.  Next.
INGE:  Manifest and materialize.
FIRSTS:  If you can manifest something spiritually, then you can materialize.  If you can materialize things physically than you can manifest spiritual concepts.  It’s not always about body and spirit.  It’s not always about earth and spirit.  To materialize love—I’ve seen it.  Starr’s seen a bitter old lady see two kittens playing or somebody thinking about how bad they were stop at a baby and coo at the baby.  It’s keeping and maintaining those states of consciousness—probably the most difficult to understand.  Next concept of the octahedron.
INGE:  Light and love.
FIRSTS:  Now that’s really interesting.  What does light have to do with love?  Are you at a loss here?
ZABE:  The love would be more on the material plane.  If you can express love then you’re going to have more light and if you have more light, then you’re going to be more able to express love.
FIRSTS:  And if you love yourself, you have more light.  And if you love the spider that you fear, you have more light.  And if you love dogs and birdies that you really like, you have more light.  Could you read me the top four, please Inge?
INGE:  One, light, manifest, unripe.
FIRSTS:  The bottom, please?
INGE:  Connected, love, materialize, fear.
FIRSTS:  Would you please look at the sides?  Look at the front side.  What four do you see?
INGE:  I see unripe, one, fear, and connected.
FIRSTS:  Now turn it around.
INGE:  Light, manifest, love, materialize.
FIRSTS:  These are the issues.  If we look at all our sides, we’ll have a chart for next week that will be the issues.  They will be the issues and how the souls choose them in their soul contract.  So understand that those will be how you change your paradigm around your issues and you’ll be given instructions and techniques on a further day for that octahedron.
     Are there any questions?
ZABE:  Can you please explain to us the seven distinct separations in the egg of the soul?
FIRSTS:  If you were to look at this, it would be levels.  So it’s going to be sort of like the subtle bodies.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  It does not mean that they are stripes up and down.  Do you understand?  One layer, another layer—from the inside out.  So someplace Starr has this chart that was given to her years ago that shows where the body parts are.  Do you understand that chart?  The outside of the soul has to do with the physical body.  So the physical, followed by the energetic.  Here is the round chart.  And you will see that the seven levels have seven levels.  The energetic level is the energies.  Are you happy?  Are you vital today?  Are you sluggish today?  And we will give you a map of those energies.  And the next is attitude.  Attitudinal.  Contract—soul contract which Starr has talked some to you about.  Your inspiration—maybe not the correct word—it’s a more complex word here.  Inspiration, motivation, goals, all blended into one word but before the soul contract of your essence.  Karmic structure.  And Starr will be making a map like this for each of the seven levels of the soul.  This will be available through Zabena, as Starr calls her.  And the last is your soul purpose—your soul group signature.  Yada, yada, yada.  That’s another one that we don’t have a word for here so we’re going to have to sit down with Starr’s brain and look at it.
     So those are the seven levels of the soul for which you will have complex maps possibly by the end of the month but more probably by the end of the year.  Next question.
ZABE:  Can you talk about the sourcing, emotional, and mental states which come from the eleven parts of the upside-down pyramid that you channeled last time?
FIRSTS:  Sourcing is a process of nutrition or feeding these particular energies above your head.  All of these places that are not measured in your own terms.  So each place has its own food.  Some of the food may be material.  Like dreaming and sleeping are two different energies that feed some of these.   Eating and appropriate breath feed some of these.  And sourcing is about providing the nutrition mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that these states of consciousness, these places that contain energy above your head are alive and well.  Most humanoids look like they have a bunch of dead balloons over their head.  If you can imagine the little drawing you do where people speak and they put words in them—a cartoon.  When you are full--when you can source from both spirit and earth, mentally and emotionally, those spaces are inflated.  Those spaces are the containers, the magnifying lenses for your light, for your joy, for your vitality.  And basically what is needed is a page on each one of those with the definition of each one of those and sourcing—where does the light come from, where does the vitality come from, where does the spirit part come from, where does the earth energy come from?  Not that any one of those require material food, per se, but it is energetic nutrition that we are looking for which in itself is a science unto itself and a topic that will be a topic in the 2012-2020s.  Have you had your energetic nutrition today?  You cannot take a vitamin pill.  It is the states of being, ways of being, activities of consciousness, and electromagnetic energies that flow through you that you are accessing to multiply your light between source and earth.  Does that answer your question?
ZABE:  That was for the sourcing.  Was that also for the emotional and mental states?
FIRSTS:  Yes.  The sourcing is also for the emotional and mental.  If you’re in apathy, nothing gets through.  If you’re excited, if you’re inspired, you may be motivated, enthusiastic, joyful, full of giggles—those are all mental and emotional sources that provide the energetic nutrition.  So that chart needs to be made before I can fill it through Starr.  Next question.
ZABE:  Starr had a question for you.  She would like to know, what about the time travelers coming to her and what is it all about.
FIRSTS:  We’re downloading that answer to her right now.  You might want to tell her that its healthy, it’s ok, they’re a little confused.  Next.
ZABE:  There is a question about the class that you want to create called the Idiots of Earth.
FIRSTS:  It’s not a class.  It’s called the Idiots in your Head.  And we’ll talk about that right now.  There are many idiots on planet earth too numerous to mention and unfortunately phonebooks could not even begin to hold the list of them.
     So you animate, activate, materialize aspects of yourself and the aspect of yourself that you give the most energy to, the most depth and breadth, that you literally give height and width, and most importantly, you give value to are a bunch of idiots in your heads.  The first idiot I want to talk about in your head is the critic.  And the critic says things that are untrue about you or says two true things and one untrue thing to get you confused.  The critic criticizes even your thought process-what you be, how you do, and most importantly, keeps you so busy criticizing everybody else that you have no time to remove the critic.  So the critic will go, “Look at her dress, look at her clothes, he said, she said, the food’s terrible, the food’s this, this is this, I hurt, you do this . . .”  The critic may not necessarily be negative.  The critic may be negative.  But the critic’s borderline acceptance in you is because the critic makes neutral statements that are correct.  “That dress is ugly” is a choice rather than say, “Wow, she’s done a lot of work.”  “This food sucks” instead of, “Wow, what a great lesson not to come here.”  So the critic idiot in your head takes time and takes energy and is the biggest distraction for you not doing your work.  And the critic goes on and on again—it’s too hot, it’s too cold.  It will make statements that are yes, correct, that are positive, true statements.  But the statements have very little to do with the nutrition of these areas above your head and with your spiritual growth.  The critic is one of the masters to distract you from you working on your light.  The critic is huge in some people.  Sometimes the critic faces inward.  Sometimes the critic faces ourward.  We give energy to this critic.  Every time you let the critic speak, every time you listen to the critic, the critic gets bigger and bigger.  There are people with critics as big as this room.  Some of the critics are sloppy, messily dressed with oozing pimples and are fat and ugly and have nothing to talk about and some of them are impeccable, almost British with their noses up.  A couple of things: does your critic face inward and criticize you or does your critic face outward and criticize the world?
     The next idiot you have inside your head is the judge.  Well if I do this, will I get that?  If I say this will she do that?  And what the judge does is weighs and measures.  Remember the judge has a scale.  “I’m better than her.”  “I’m less than her.”  The judge is not like the critic who makes a neutral statement about something; the judge weighs and measures.  “My clothes are prettier, my body’s in better shape, I’m smarter than that person.”  The judges sometimes look like they’re fully robed, they have their gavel.  The judge also can face inward.  Very rarely does the judge judge you for your performance.  Mostly the judge faces outward and compares you with outward circumstances.  Starr had a friend and every time they went out to eat, the friend would say, “Well I had better steak in 1972 in Mexico.  My vegetables were better in Spain.”  And the person was judge and critic talking together.  So the more you let the judge talk, the bigger the judge gets.  The more the judge is a distraction for you working on your light and working on yourself.
     Now there are two very insidious characters, idiots.  One is the staller.  The staller says, “We can do it tomorrow.  Not today.  You need to rest.  Somebody else can do that for you.”  The staller says, “I need more time to get my life together.”  The staller says, “I need to relax.  I’m only 28—I should be having fun.  I don’t need a job.”  The staller says, “I don’t need a lover.  I don’t need cash.”  The staller says this over and over and over again.  And the staller’s very anchored on planet earth.  And the staller has big clown feet because the staller wants you to be comfortable and wants you to be in a position where you don’t have to think, where you don’t have to feel, and most importantly, where you don’t have to connect to your light.
     And the other idiot in your head that I want to talk to you about is the ruler.  And the ruler is the one with control issues.  And the ruler is the one with obsessive compulsive disorders.  You put your skirt on first, then you put on your top.  Wait—sorry—you put your underwear on first, then you put your skirt on, then you put your top on.  The ruler has rituals and can be faced inwards or outwards and actually have a crown, a staff, velvet robes and have major control issues over other people.  So the four idiots mostly that we see in other peoples heads are the judge, the critic, the staller/procrastinator which can also act confused.  “I don’t know what to do.”  “Well do something, for God’s sake.”  “I don’t want to grow up.”  The staller can take on many different roles.  And so can the ruler.  The ruler can be passive aggressive.  All of these idiots in your head must be seen for who they are, felt for who they are.  You must stop listening to them and giving them importance.  And hopefully other than the Taming Your Gremlin book there will be some material presented for your mind to be clear and appropriate to be connected to spirit and body where mind and heart come into play appropriately.  Most of us come from a place where we have a character—be it poor me, the victim, an idiot in our head that makes our decision so that our decisions are not made with our head and our heart.
     The more spiritually advanced you get, the less power these idiots have.  The more light you have, the less power these idiots have.  So it’s very important for you to animate what your idiots look like.  What does my judge look like?  What does he sound like? What does he feel like?  What is his voice like?  What is he wearing?  How much does he weigh?  How big is he?  Animate them and move them out.  I’m moving my judge to Antarctica where he doesn’t get a lot of input, where there’s snow so that I can let my essence make those light waves that I need to make based on those decisions and statements.
MARLENA:  What is the difference between the judge and judgment?
FIRSTS:  A judgment: This soup is too salty for me to eat.  Judge: she doesn’t know how to cook.  I wish she didn’t put so much salt in her food.  She doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Do you understand?  A judgment and a discernment.  Judgment:  Do I put two cups of flour or two cups of salt in brownies?  I don’t care if the recipe says two cups of salt.  I have enough discernment to know that that’s a misprint and that it’s two teaspoons.  I have enough discernment.  What happens is that judgment which is discernment which is statement of fact gets used as judgment.  Oh, she’s this and he’s that—judgment gets misused in our brain to make us right for us to not work on our own stuff and to get in the way of body and spirit coming together.  So that’s a little bit about the idiots in your head.
     I was also going to talk to you today about (break in recording)
     . . .  A lot of you and for you to be safe, to have a minimal amount of fears, for you to understand where the firsts are coming from.  Starr smiles.  Good.  I’m going to make this available for you next time.  And in your consciousness on planet earth right now you have Arcturians and Pleaidians.  Both work on universal education and they are both sentient races that work on education.  The Pleaidians give you tools; the Arcturians are the librarians.  And as they sit, they are both connected to the Eternals and to the Firsts.  And Arcturians are especially connected to plants, animals, the environment and the Pleaidians are connected to work.  The Firsts are connected to extended family, ascension, and famine.  We are really connected to solving famine on a universal basis.  The eternals are connected to work, healing, and soul development so they’re not really interested where the bodies of planet earth ascend but where the bodies and souls of planet earth come together.  Joy is in there someplace.  And this is a chart that we gave to Starr.  Starting next week we’re all going to have a little handout starting with all the charts and the channeling of all the Firsts up until date.  The fish chart we’re not going to deal with today. 
     This is a chart that is very important.  It shows the energy places that the organs sit etherically.  This is going to be overlaid by this very precisely by Starr so we can look at this and we can say that farel and shea go from the shoulders, up.  We can say that different organs sit in different areas.  We will develop a chart and a handout for you that lets you know the vital structure of these particular organs in your earth body are upside down, imprinted in this consciousness here.  And we will start defining.  If you have liver problems, we are going to work on this particular consciousness.  This consciousness means this, this consciousness means that.  And we’re going to do some other charts.  So we’re going to start bringing this into play. 
     So many people have had diseases and they looked at their core issue and their original cause and they went to a good healer and the body did not let go or the disease was still in the vital part here and it moved from one place to another because it wasn’t given the nutrition, the vital sourcing to diminish and make that disease disappear.  If I take a Kleenex and tear it into little pieces and throw it all over the floor and scatter it through the church—is it gone?  No.  But if I take a Kleenex and boil it in water—what will happen?  It’s going to dissipate finely.  But if I strain the water, I still have it.  If I take a Kleenex and light it on fire, it’s going to be finer still—ash.  And finer and finer still.  We can distill that and replace it with the energies of what Starr called all of these group energies.  What did she call them—the group name for all of these energies above the head?  We have to find an earth word for these collective energies.  Any idea, Joanna? It needs to have an earth word so you humans can refer to it so this is something we will be looking for.  Energetic nutrition that provides the energy needed not only for your physical body but also for these spaces up here which we haven’t found out the word for can be done in four or five different ways.  The first way is infusion.  Immersion.  Enhancement.  Mirroring—put caught behind mirroring.  And distilling.  And osmosis.  Please open files in your brain for these because these will be discussed at a different time and place as will this.  With this whole thing here, whatever we’re going to name it, we’ll probably end up with a one-hundred page workbook.  These are particular unmeasurable energies that are in your aura above your head will probably end up with the organs, with the ways to infuse them and maintain energetic nutrition, how to do infusion, how to do osmosis.
ZABE:  What is the difference between osmosis and infusion?  Aren’t they similar?
FIRSTS:  Osmosis is a voluntary process or a process of pressure.  Infusion—when you make tea, the tea is an infusion of leaves.  Correct? In Starr’s brain there seems to be a subtle but slight difference between osmosis and infusion.  One is immersed in and in osmosis, it’s side by side.
INGE:  Gate controlled intake.  If you have enough sugars pointing out, you get an intake.  If you do not have enough sugars pointing out, you don’t get it.
FIRSTS:  But it’s not with sugar; it’s with light.  Read those back to me.
ZABE:  Infusion, immersion, enhancement. 
FIRSTS:  That’s enhancement.  Enhancement is about the rays of light.  Sometimes a question that is in the greatest and highest good of all concerned is a ray of light.  A self-serving question is a hole in this place here.  “How can I get this and this for me because it looks good . . .”   It becomes a small vortex.  How can I be of service is probably the best, biggest antennae that you can make for enhancement.  The earth words are strange for me yet with this process; yet I will grow to know them.  We have some good work to do this week for getting paperwork for next week. 
     Take a deep breath.   This is the time for linear thinking and conceptual thinking to come together in one book and one book alone.  Flatland is the book that gives us the greatest metaphor, the greatest example of what earth consciousness will be going through in 2012.  It lets us understand perceptions that were not perceptible to mankind.  It gives us paradigms that were not conceivable to mankind and puts us into the dimensions and encompasses us into new frequencies.  And it folds us in a multiverse of energetic nutrition.  Any questions before we close?
ZABE:  Inge had a question.  Inge’s question is: how can we better open up the space for men to attend metaphysical and spiritual events?  We have mostly women here today.
FIRSTS:  I guess that is a nested loop question.  It keeps going around and around and around itself.  As earth ripens, it will happen.  There’s nothing you can do.  There’s only for you to be and for you to be learning and for you to be curious and for you to be putting things in black and white.  Go, draw a real good human.  Put it in different colors.  Draw it again.  The more the information is put in black and white or purple and white or purple on yellow paper, the more you conceive, think about it, ask questions.  If these were seven herbs, what would they be?  If these were eleven flowers, what would these be?  If these were eleven rulers of earth, what would they be?  If these were eleven astrological signs, what would they be?  Please make us a chart like the DNA chart that Starr has so that no matter what sensory input, what modality of life a human runs on, there would be something that they could relate to the invisible, inconceivable, unmeasurable part that they work with.  So moreso it’s about what you do-be-do than to make the world—the world is ripening.  The time-travelers know what happens in 2012.  The earth is ripening.  It will happen but it will happen at its own speed.  And for you it’s the 5% of the world that’s ahead of the rest of the world with the information.  For you, it’s you understanding this.  It’s you asking deeper, farther to make the Firsts understand what you know and what you don’t know. 
INGE:  There is a very good chart with numbers and chemical structures in Gurdjieff’s teachings.
FIRSTS:  Would you please print that for Starr and then she can download it?
INGE:  And there is a huge bit on the etheric nutrition.
FIRSTS:  Energetic nutrition and etheric nutrition are like two different topics.  It’s like liver nutrition and bone nutrition.  But show them to her and to me so that we can show you what else we know.
     Now there are probably about 144 different actual levels of nutrition.  Mankind is basically just beginning to understand the body nutrition and we’ve just scratched the surface of vitality, of energy nutrition here.  To have the charts, we have the documentation physically planted on earth is a great seed that will let other humanoids pick it up through the earth consciousness.  They can connect to it once it’s printed.  It is harder for another earthling to get what is in your head—forgotten or dismissed.  Earth consciousness does throw things away.  Are there any more questions?  Ja-Lene.
JA-LENE:  I want a pyramid for communication.
FIRSTS:  You want communication on the bottom.  Excellent.  (writes it out:  base—communication, sides A & C—entertainment/truth, sides B & D—trust/depth)  This is for you.  This is not for mankind.  This is in particular for what you have to do for a living and for what you personally have to process.  This may be documented but not in the major pyramids.  So would you please come get it? 
INGE:  We need another pyramid with success on the bottom.
FIRSTS:  (writes it out:  base—success, sides A & C—completion/action, sides B & D—desire/goals)
JA-LENE:  We need another one for co-creation.
FIRSTS:  That should go on an octahedron but we don’t have anymore to write on.  Maybe I can make it on a pyramid.  (She writes:  base—co-creation, sides A & C—truth/relationship, sides B & D—boundaries/connectiontion)  And this may be saved for the records.
YVONNE:  How about one with trust for the base?
FIRSTS:  These are fun. (writes it out:  base—trust, sides A & C—experience/follow-through, sides B & D—connection/truth).  So probably Zabena you need to make a list of things like gratitude and service—I imagine that Starr has more than these pyramids.  She was instructed to have more than these.  Do we have more of these pyramids made?  Make a list and then I’ll come through Starr and she’ll make the pyramids and what will happen is we’ll have a reference chart. 
ZABE:  Can this material be shared by Starr at the Light Language conference?  The pyramids, the octahedrons, the dodecahedrons?
FIRSTS:  It is not developed enough to be shared at this year’s conference, but yes, it will probably be shared in the Firsts’ book, probably on the website, and probably noted at the Light Language website to go read it, and at the next conference.
     Is anyone else hungry?  Starr’s body seems to be a little hungry.  Good universe, everyone.


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