Energetic Nutrition

The cone of consciousness (with the 11 pieces of consciousness)
needs energetic nutrition.

You can drink and live of Tequila all the time, like Pepe did who healed the eyes in Mexico, when you have the right energetic nutrition for your cone of consciousness.

There are 2 ways to feed your aura and the cone of consciousness:
eating a plant appropriate for you
understand that your food plan changes according to your wake up calls.

As 2012 comes closer, the need for higher energetic nutrition gets bigger.
Energetic nutrition is easier when you are at home than when you travel. The Firsts are using Starr to invent new words to specify energetic nutrition.

are etheric, subenergetic fields that collect energy.
(functioning like when s.o. smokes, the clothes collect the smoke)
Collectrons collect more of the most abundant energy present. Pay attention:
--- if your house is negative,
--- if you hang out with whiny, crabby, bitchy people,
the collectrons collect inappropriate energy.
The energy gets stored in your cone of consciousness. Sometimes there is still anesthesia stored in the cone of consciousness – after many years you had an anesthesia. When there is a smell that is different, e.g. during a healing session, it might be coming out of the stored energy in your cone of consciousness, e.g. smell of roses, shit, oranges.

If you had a bad fight, a crisis, a melt down, throw away the clothes. Polyester absorbs subtle energies quickly and gives them out again later. Silk, cotton, linen absorb more slowly… and more permanently. Throw the clothes away!

Collectrons collect and store whatever the greatest energy is… because you surrounded yourself with it.

Generally it is not about solidifying your energy, it is about increasing your vibration.
Esperanza says: “If you are comfortable, you are not improving.”

energy fields created, when desire and action steps match.
Whatever is your desire sticks to you, when your action steps match.
Ask yourself: What do you want to create today?

catalyst + “on”.
These are special pieces of vitality, you catch from s.o. else; from a quote, book, person, an outside stimulus. You can create your own “catalons” by AHA’s... rhrough your way of living, way of perceiving.
Catalons are needed at different rates by different people. Some might be egotistical, they stop catching catalons. Some need to be inspired by TV, music, visions, films.
It is like a match… to start the fire.
“Salt works as a catalon too – in your food. Pinch it!”

they snuff things out.
It is an energetic piece of nutrition. When you start being & doing inappropriate things, snuffins kick in and change directions.
Snuffins come & multiply from giving truly. Like in triple aligned forgiveness by heart, head, and body or showing gratitude.
Without snuffins you go on and on till a wake up call hits in.
It is with an “in” – it is about the inside of you.

they are created, when you let go of shit – in the place where your ego was.
The willingness to be a millionaire does nothing. When you are in the presence of a model, of a hero, absorbons absorb the qualities.
When you let go of ego, absorbons become bigger; your cone of consciousness can carry up to 100 000 in space, energy, vitality.
You can create them, if you let go of belief systems… most humans are not capable of letting go… little ego, victim role.
Absorbons function that anything unlike the desire to become like your role model rolls out.

are directly proportional to the amount of water you drink.
Humans are most times toxic. You process s.th. and than you store it in the liver.
Drink a lot of water!
When you can’t swallow any more water, you are good enough filled.
Other fluids? The amount of suger & shit is not good.
Veins, arteries store toxins with fat, because of the lack of water.
Water (+ filterins) pushes, pulls, direct inappropriate energies out of your body.

You need a bath sometimes; sit in salt water in the sea; pull your aura out and push it back. Salt and Water create filter + “in” at the sea.
An algae filled pool is a great processor of inappropriate energies. Mildew (water + walls) is great = it eats the rot away.
Drink Spring water!

Starr says: “What you are the most of, consume it the most.”


General aspects of energetic nutrition

Prayer – Meditation – Silence create space and place that your container for spiritual nutrition can expand.
The soul egg – can become 11times your body!
Prayer, meditation, silence stretch your container.

In the body, in the now, grounded --- are the
qualities needed, so you can absorb energetic nutrition.

Serenity & inner peace --- the more of it the higher becomes
your capacity to share energetic (spiritual) nutrition with others.

The more you are connected, the more you are centered, you bridge the space between conscious and subconscious awareness and become aware of a lack of anything.

Healing, clearing, processing --- the three procedures are the engine that drive the appropriate energetic spiritual nutrition.



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