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The Firsts Channeling, June 20, 2007

STARR: Good Universe.  We are the Firsts.  It is my impression that you had some Earth work.  Is that true?  What was your assignment?
INGE:  We had to write questions on each of the energetic and soul systems.  And we had to find out where we were and the same with the cubes.
Starr:  What did we call those?  The cubes of attitude and the spheres of your soul.  So Ja-Lene, did you find out where you were on the soul map?
JA-LENE:  On the soul map I didn’t find out where I was but I found out how I was.
FIRSTS:   Ja-Lene would you please step forward?  Look at the maps and put the physical one on top.  What is the weakest part of your body?  The glands.  Now let’s go straight through the center.  What’s in the center?  Creation of harmony.  How do you do that?
JA-LENE:  Inside myself.
FIRSTS:  In the inside world, yes.  And in the outside world you do it between publisher and author.  So that is your stongest point and your weakest point.  Wise use of slow action—you haven’t learned that yet.
FIRSTS:  And then fulfillment of duty—you’re almost there.  The the power to make things happen.
JA-LENE:  I think I could use some improvement there.
STARR:  And then the Breaking of stones.
JA-LENE:  Would that be the breaking of patterns?
FIRSTS:  Yes, it would be, and belief systems.  And then spiritual authenticity.  So that’s how that looks.  And Zabe’, come up here for a second.  Give me your pen.  How a soul map works is like this: it works straight through the paper.  So what is your weakest body sense?
ZABE’:  I’m not sure—it’s either brain or glands.
FIRSTS:  So let’s look at brain.  Right underneath brain is energetic discipline—you need to work on that.  Right under energetic discipline is magnetic attraction—signing up people for your class.  Higher guidance.  Next is manifestation of spiritual ideas—your own.  Right below that is soul memory—to bring back your past life stuff.  And right below that is spiritual freedom.  So that is the soul map.  Inge come forward.  So Inge, what is the weakest part of your body?
INGE:  Throat.
FIRSTS:  So where’s the throat here?  So below the throat is diplomacy—how to say things nicely.  You’d rather keep your mouth shut than say anything at all.  Kindness you’ve got down.  Honesty—you’re almost there.  Wise head—you’re there.  Great connector—you’re almost there.  And spiritual truth—you’re there.  So Joanna, what is the weakest part of your body?  Spine?  Underneath the spine is someplace between exquisite timing and self-discipline.  Someplace between love and warmth.  Someplace between aspiriations and the highest light.  A balance between doable plans and powerful communications.  Orienting force.  And a balance between the way you handle spiritual energy and spiritual unity.  See where spine is?  Look underneath on each one of them—some of them are between.  Look at all of the maps.  So it’s double duty for you, Joanna.  You have to find the balance, the center-point between those. 
     If I was to take a pin and stick it through the stack of soul maps starting with your physical weakness, that is the thing you need to work on right now.  And for Joanna with her spine and her femur and her hips, really they come between something so she has double duty to do this lifetime.  So do we have some questions about this soul map. 
INGE:  Why are the different things placed where they are?
FIRSTS:  Somebody who studied humans placed them on here like this.  Do not ask why.  The question is How does this work?  Starr doesn’t know how her refrigerator works but she knows how to use this map.
MARLENA:  Does this map tell you how you interact with the world?
FIRSTS:  No, it tells you what you have to work on, not how you interact with the world.
INGE:  And I found it a little bit confusing .that on the energetic map we have loyalty and on the attitude map we have loyalty again.
FIRSTS:  Listen to me.  With your attitude do you have loyalty to yourself?  Do you have loyalty to a product?  Loyalty here is loyal to your commitments, loyal to your friends.  Here on this map is your attitude loyal?  There are people in Starr’s memory who eat potatoes for two years and then they won’t eat them again.  And then they’ll be eating mashed potatoes and then they’ll eat French fries.  There is the outside type of loyalty with an attitude and there’s energy loyalty.  Do you say, “I’m going to brush my teeth twice a day and then do you do it for twenty years?  This loyalty here is on the outside and this attitude is inner loyalty. 
JA-LENE:  I did these in order from here moving out and so my question on the group soul map is an overall question that I was curious about.  Is there a distinction between a group soul and a soul family or is that the same thing? 
FIRSTS:  The difference is subtle and slight.  There may be a group of people in Asheville, North Carolina who are in our soul group who fall off in their connection to us because they don’t bother to connect with us.  So they’re part of our soul group but not part of our soul family.  For example, Maharishi has a large family.  There’s a soul group in Fairfield, Iowa that connects to the soul group in Asheville, North Carolina.  The people know each other and talk to each other.  But spiritually minded advanced people could be in our soul group but do not identify the rest of their family.  I could see a spiritual teacher and know if they’re in my family or in another family.  The more spiritual you get, the more connected to consciousness you become, the bigger your spiritual family is.  The more unity, the more you feel one, the more the urge to connect and communicate with the ones similar to you.  Starr’s soul family is polar different from the born-again Christians.  They’re way over there.  Eventually consciousness will be big enough to include them but right now our spiritual family is people like you, Ja-Lene.  Her spiritual community is much larger.  Her spiritual group is much larger.  But when it becomes family is when there is communication and when there is identification.  You belong to the publishing family.  They’re not always that spiritual.  It’s like a Venn diagram—spiritual people, the publishing people—they overlap and you’re in both those diagrams.
JA-LENE:  So I’m a liaison.   
FIRSTS:  You’re standing where they overlap and you can understand and communicate with both sides of tat family.
JA-LENE:  So we can be liaisons between different groups?
FIRSTS:  Or not.  Sometimes it’s a devil’s advocate who pushes buttons in both groups so they can see what they aren’t and see what they are.  There are many, many places that seem negative to humanity and to you that are created exactly that way to make people think, feel, and align more with Source and with Earth.  So there may be a point between groups that is the rebel, the asshole, the person who writes the strange newspaper articles.  It’s for people to think, feel, and connect more with spirit.  So do you understand that better?
JA-LENE:  Will this map change with the changes that are happening to us right now?
FIRSTS:  No, the map is not going to change.  Your point that you have to work on my change once you work on this and change what you are supposed to.  Starr’s sexual organs had cancer there before so they may be her weakest but then she has a big stomach so digestive may be next  You may want to look at that soul map as the majority of your issues that are exactly through your physical because it all comes down to that.  So if you have sore throats a lot, or if you have allergies, etc., then that is your secondary—it teaches you what you have to work on.  In some cases like Joanna and most people with spine issues are in between—in between exquisite timing and self-discipline.  Exactly when do you chill out?  Exactly when do you pray?  Joanna will have to find that balance.  She’s really not doing one and she’s not doing the other; she’s doing both which is hard to identify, hard to name, hard for the mental body to understand what is going on.
JA-LENE:  So you can also use this as a tool to review the things that you’ve already gone through?
FIRSTS:  Exactly.  If you had ovarian illness or if you had a blood illness, that was what you were learning at that point in your life.  It could also be used as a healing tool with clients.  Who else has some questions?  Adam?
ADAM:  (inaudible)
FIRSTS:  So what is your greatest illness? 
ADAM:  (inaudible)
FIRSTS:  How old are you?  Twenty-six and you’re falling apart?  I guess you’d have to do everything on it.  The specific thing for you is let’s look at your sensory organs.  I’ve got to smoke.  I’ve got to drink.  It’s an oral fixation.  So under sensory organs I see the balance between the wave . . .  Everything goes in a wave.  If you’ve ever sat in a restaurant, you hear the voices raise up and go down.  If you’ve ever had great sex, the sexual energy builds, builds, builds, builds and what Americans do is they have ejaculation instead of waiting to let that energy descend and build again higher.  So the wave is spoken about in tantra.   The wave is spoken about in sacred geometry.  Certain waves—theta waves, alpha waves put you in a different set.  If we look at classical music, it’s a wave.  If we look at Rap, it’s waves.  So the wave is like your own personal conformity, knowing your purpose.  So you’re in between that wave and conformity.  You’re twenty-six years old.  You should have your own apartment.  You should have your own living.  Between spiritual joy and magnetic attraction.  You’re magnetized to stupid things like cigarettes—or used to be.  And integration process—you’re not integrating; you’re still questioning.  What am I supposed to do in life?  Well I’ve got a talent for music.  I’m going to go and work in a factory.  That’s the integration.  Takes the high road—works twenty hours a week on his music so he can make money, make spirit.  Manifestation of spiritual ideas and one with your energy blueprint.  That whole thing underneath the sensory organs—outer and inner—is what you need to work on in your life.  It’s coming up for you.
     Inge—you need to develop seven processes to go along with this map.  This is your class to take to Europe and to teach in the United States.  Your class on working through the cosmic onion of life.  You are to develop processes to take people through the whole map.  And I imagine that there will be two or three corrections and a little bit more refining on this but this is what the Firsts want you to construct—this new line of teaching. 
     This other set of maps are called the cubes of attitude.  Zabe’, will you make sure that the next time these are printed that they say this on them.  Zabe’, this is your piece.  This is where you are going to develop seven processes to take you through this map.  So it works from bottom to top.  So if somebody is in denial, the way they have to work is through the refusal to absorb.  Now listen, it’s a little tricky here—you either work them up or down.  So some people cannot accept truths about themselves.  Then you have to work the next cube in.  Always the refusal to absorb does not match the elimination of facts.  It could be the rejection of truth.  You start with one of these and then do one in the next color cube and then one on the next color cube.  So instead of it being unacceptance, rejection of truth, opposition, dismissal, negation, protection, truth hurts, it could be unacceptance, elimination of facts, refusal, dismissal . . .  It has to be in that cubal order from top to bottom but it’s that order of cubes with either one of the two words.
ZABE’:  Does it always work from the outside-in? 
FIRSTS:  That’s how you heal it.  You always heal ass backwards, as Starr would say.  When you want to heal smoking and you light up a cigarette and you say, Oh my God, I just smoked a cigarette and you start healing that.  And then you light up a cigarette and take a puff and you say, Oh my God, I just smoked a cigarette.  And then you light up a cigarette and you say, Oh my God, this is my fourth cigarette this hour.  And then you light the match and you say, Oh my God, this is my fourth cigarette this hour.  And then you say it when you pull the match out.  This is healing it backwards.  Then you say it as you pull the cigarette out—Oh my God, this will be my fourth cigarette.  Then the next step of healing is stopping before you pull the pack out.  And the next step of healing is thinking about that.  So when you heal an addiction, when you heal somebody that’s in denial, you heal it ass backwards.  You don’t say, “The truth hurts and the truth is that you’re not living up to your light so go live up to your light.”  That may be a lightning bolt, that may be a statement—Starr gives a lot of those if you come to her.  But what are you not accepting?  What facts are you eliminating?  The fact that you’ve changed thirty people’s lives just by talking to them.  Have people come back to you and said that they felt different just after talking to you?  Yes, they have.  So why do you refuse to hear it? What is the refusal about?  Your mother refused to honor your healing thing and then you look at me to see, was it disavowal or dismissal?  Look at that word, disavowal—it has vows in it so you might have to look at the person’s vows.  Are they being contrary?  Well my mother told me I wasn’t a healer so I’m going to prove her right.  Is it negation?  “I don’t think I’ve studied enough to be a healer.”  So with these particular attitudinal healings, you heal them from the outside in.  It has to be in the color order but it can be worked from the top or the bottom.  So the truth hurts that you’re a healer, you had a lot of light, your mother told you you didn’t and the truth is that you believed her.  You believed her that you didn’t have any light.  So when you are processing a client, you will process them yourself through the rectangles of attitude.  Obstanding is a word that did not exist on planet Earth up until a couple of weeks ago.  Obstanding is about self.  Too selfish—Oh I can’t do anything—and too selfless—Oh I’m not good enough.  And you work through limited and restricted.  Somebody said to me, Those are the same words.  They are not.  One starts with an L and one starts with an R.  If you don’t understand the difference between limited and restricted, go look them up.  If you don’t understand the difference between oblivious and unthinking, look the definitions up.  For some of you, you use the definitions interchangeably.  But for the Firsts and for conscious sentient beings, the slight difference in energy makes a big difference.  If you were to be one degree off and if you started from California to New York, by the time you got across the country, you’d be in Florida.  So each one of these words was chosen in particular for the obstanding.  Too high, big ego self-esteem, or two low, inappropriate ego self-esteem.  Let’s look at stuck.  Stuck works the same way, from the outside in.  You must use a word in the outside square.  Let’s look at sabotage.  Notice how much color sabotage has.  It seems like whatever is more intense gets written on the brighter charts.  Look at distraction, complication, stirs up and look at rebellion.  Now all of you have one of these seven issues.  Or being numb.  What’s the difference between frozen and rigid?   Look it up in the dictionary.  To heal these patterns, you work from the outside in to heal these patterns.  It’s not always from the top down.  It’s not always from the bottom up.  But it’s always the green square and then the pea soup square and then the light lilac square and then the we-don’t-know-the-name-of-that-color square, then that square, then that square.  Do you understand this?  Do you understand that books can be written about this process?  Zabe’, this is your class and we expect development about those. 
     Do you have questions about those as part of your earth work?  Do you have questions, Inge, and not about the German mental location of the words.
INGE:  (inaudible)
FIRSTS:  So understand it now that it is not necessarily top to center or bottom to center; it is cube to cube to cube.  Does everybody understand it?  Come here (to student).  You have an issue of distraction.  So we’re going to look at this and say that on the outside level what you manifest is complications.  Something that is supposed to take two days takes a week or ten days.  But the need to be entertained is not necessarily going to be your next step.  Your next step is going to be emotion and that’s about stirring the energy up when it doesn’t need to be stirred—commotion inside yourself.  Building this house is just a little bit boring so let’s see how interesting we can make it.  Then do you have diffused priorities or do you have clutter?  Diffused priorities.  Well I’ve got to make the energy right for the center because this is going to be a spiritual center but oh, I need the floor done in a week.  So do you see that it does not necessarily go from top to bottom or from bottom to top?  It goes from box to box to box.  So your fear of your personal light creates all of these distractions so you piss away your light doing mundane things, having the physical plane interfere so it’s going to take two years longer to have your center.  The floor took longer, the building took longer because you have complications, commotion, diffused priorities, you’re obscuring, you have mind chatter, etc.  What it all boils down to is your fear of your own personal light.  You have such huge light but you’re going to use the physical plane to distract yourself so that you don’t get to use it.  So now do you know how to use this? 
ZABE’:  I was working with these charts right before I went to bed and when I woke up this morning, I had the image of all of these cubes and they were stacked three-dimensionally so that some of them were pointing up and out in the center and some of them were going down and in.
FIRSTS:  I got it and that’s your way of weighing and measuring which sheet you have to work on first.  Trust me, when you work on one of these sheets, your distraction may be really big and you work it out and process it out and the next thing you know, there’s sabotage.  And so the sheets will raise and lower themselves according to your processing and spiritual activities.
ZABE’:  So the ones that pop up are the ones you need to work on?
FIRSTS:  Maybe not.  Maybe for some people it’s what sinks.  So you need to look at that when you write your class about that.
So take a deep breath.  We are the Firsts.  Let’s look at this board.  Zabena, pass this out.  This is a very complex game played on your planet Earth.  The name of the game is Col and it is a game that Mensa egghead people play and there are about sixteen or seventeen paper games that people who are 99.9% in the mental body play over and over and over again so that their heart doesn’t have to feel.  This diagram is actually the diagram of a universal galactic concept and it is a way that we work with who we are and what our life looks like.  So this corner here I want you to label “your foundation.”  Believe it or not, your foundation—Polish, Irish, Arcturian, Eternal (God forbid)—who you came from—your mother—holds up even this particular structure here.  It holds everything—your energies—together and it shows up more in your mind than it shows up in earthly behavior or planetary behavior.  Now just because Joanna and Starr love Polish food—Starr is half Polish—doesn’t mean that they behave like Polish people.  They have come to a place in their life where they behave in a more spiritual manner.  They no longer have the fundamental behaviors that Polish people do.  But they like that ritual and they like that Polish food—this shows up very little in their everyday life.  In your energetic process, though, you, spirit, soul in body will make a big deal of this.  “I was adopted . . .” over and over again.  “I was adopted—nobody ever wanted me.”  You were adopted.  You got somebody’s DNA and somebody else’s DNA—how lucky you are to have four sets of DNA to experience from childhood on.  Adoption is a huge lesson.  So this part is your foundation.
     The next part of the drawing that I want you to label is this circle which is your perception.  Starr tells this story over and over again and I will tell it to you because it is in her perception.  If you are a little girl and your family has a paneled station wagon and while on vacation a red sports car pushes you family car off the road and you’re scared, Mommy’s crying, and you end up in the ditch and then forty years later, you see a paneled truck and a red sports car get into an accident, you’re going to believe that the accident was caused by the red sports car.  First of all, you believe what you see and then you see what you believe.  So if you believe there are no good men out there, are there any good men out there?  Your perceptions play a big part and they’re the next level that your life is balanced on. 
     And then your beliefs, which are huge.  They say on planet earth, “Ask and you shall receive.”  Please understand that every thought is a prayer.  So if you say, “I hate this life.  Things are not working for me.  Boy I feel like shit today. I’m crabby.  I’m uncomfortable.  My butt hurts,” that is a prayer.  So your belief is a huge circle that your life is being run on.  And you may have the most positive mouth in the whole world but your mind may have spider webs and cesspools in it.  You may have 600 negative thoughts in an hour—10 per minute—that’s the extreme end.  Or you’ve neutralized yourself.  “Ooh what an asshole” becomes “that person needs healing.”    “Boy, that’s an agry person,” becomes “that person could use a little prayer.” 
     (Microphone feedback)  Please, Firsts, and universe, lower the energetics, especially on the auditory range to stop the interference in this program presented to Earth beings through Miss Starr Fuentes.  We have skills and technologies.  We can do this in cooperation with Earthling Roy.  So work on it.  Thank you.
     The belief system is crucial because your thoughts are prayers.  You may say someone is negative and their mouth might be negative and that may be the only negative part of them.
     Who’s whistling?
JA-LENE:  Helicopters and fire trucks.
FIRSTS:  Wow, you mean there are other earth people besides you?  You don’t think we’re on fire, do you?  I thought there were only this many humanoids—no, I know better.
     So we look at this . . .(more feedback).  My technical staff on the other side, I know that you’re millions of light years away.  Please, you can be focused.  Take care of this issue.  Your beliefs are day long prayers.  I don’t care what comes out of your mouth because even though it is a solidification of your thought, the number of thoughts per day are hugely greater than the number of spoken words.  So watch yourself.  Observe yourself.  That guy needs some healing.  They’re angry.  That guy needs some work.  Bless them.  In your head you can do more damage than if you ate McDonald’s French fries and hamburgers every day.  Some people are vegetarians and they’re so concerned about what goes into their mouth.  I would like them to be so concerned about what comes out of their mouth and out of their third eye because it’s important for you to understand about your beliefs.  Look at the first two letters—BE—how you be.  Be the lie of force.  Be the lie frequently.  Or be the truth frequently.  It’s important.  It’s important for you to understand that you belief is not something that is structured that says, “I’m a loser” or “I’m a winner.”  You belief is the by-product of your thoughts.  If you think that the world sucks then you’re going to get demonstration after demonstration of how the world sucks. 
     Now for most of us, distraction, denial is just a little piece.  But this is one of the spheres that can get bigger or smaller.  So that sphere in some people is going to be that big.  That is one of two shapes that can be bigger or smaller in your personal essence. 
     And then limitation is of course the cube.  “I really want to meet interesting people but I’m not leaving the house.  I really want to do fun things but I’m not going anywhere.  So limitation is the cube.  And once again, the cube can get smaller or bigger.  Looking at the cube we’ve got resistance here.  And that’s normal—you’re spirit in body.  You can have resistance. 
     And of course we have the old denial here.  And denial may be just the simple fact that you don’t believe in God.  People come to me and say, “Starr, I work a job, I go to church, I do healing work on clients, but I don’t want to be here.”  It may not be denial of the cosmic, universal laws but denial that they signed that soul contract.  And that gets bigger or smaller with the cube.
     And the very last circle is proof.  Proof is this: between your blocks, your limitations, and your beliefs, the universe will prove itself over and over again that it is exactly what you think it is.  That it is a kind and friendly place.  That Earth sucks.  That you have to struggle to make money.  And proof is part of the limitations, part of the beliefs, and part of earth plane reality.  As you so believe in connection with your blacks, your foundation, your perceptions, your beliefs, your distractions, your resistance, and your denial, this is your reality exactly in this structure except for the two structures which can decrease or diminish.  For some people their distraction sphere is as big as their belief sphere.  So this is the structure for paradigm switch.  This is the structure for dynamic change.  You can change some things.  You can change the color of the inside of this dome but it doesn’t change how many people come to church.  You can change the color of the carpet but it doesn’t change how many people come to work.  When you do, be, stimulate, catalyze, zap any of these structures in a relatively continuous short period of time, you will change what Starr calls your core issue.  You will change your manifestation esoterically, mentally, emotionally, physically, and materially of who you are.  This isn’t the picture.  Whatever Freud, Jung, energy psychologists say or do, this is the bottom line principle, not a theory.  A theory here on earth but a principle proven by sentient beings—by Arcturians to Peiadians, if you work exactly on this, your way of being and your way of life will change—even if you are a gray or a green—whatever sentient being that you are.  It was channeled to Earth a long time ago to someone that was more mind than spirit and they created a game out of it.  That’s ok.  People become more conscious.  It is a game played by humanoids in the United States and in Europe.  It is a game played by people who are in their head.  So I want you to understand that if you activate, if you impel, catalyze, shift a point or piece of each one of these, then you have profound,  sustainable—that’s the key word, sustainable.  You won’t go back to smoking that cigarette.  You won’t go back to being that asshole.  You won’t go back to being lonely.  You won’t go back to being busy instead of accomplishing something. 
     So the name of this map is being argued about by Starr’s spirit guides.  Simply it’s a map to change.  That’s easy for people to understand.  The map to change.
     Take a deep breath.  I apologize for the huge amounts of energy infusions and the big downloads—no I don’t.  Unfortunately they are at a specific rate for you who are fluid and resonant and they’re working with your body systems and will probably be the last one that will be this way, Mr. Rivers.  So here we are and there’s your map.  Ja-Lene—this is you assignment to write or to find somebody to write, document, prove, test, illustrate, show the moving parts, show the interaction of this diagram.  In the next two years.  You are assigned to co-create a book assignment, to give this to somebody (but not Starr)
ZABE’:  You were calling the square and circle a cube and sphere.  Does that mean that they are three-dimensional?
FIRSTS:  For the time being, no.  You and I know that it is three-dimensional but for the time being, for humanity’s sake, we are doing it in flat land.
JA-LENE:  (inaudible)
FIRSTS:  Change is many different things.  I want you to see something.  What is “C” in mathematics?  Constant.  What is E in mathematics?  Energy.  The constant hanging there.  The energy hanging there.  So what is hanging out in your life?  If it’s hanging out in your life, you probably don’t want it there.  It’s not in your foundation.  It’s not who you are.  So a bad attitude might be hanging around.  The constant hanging of energy.  You anchor that energy when you start doing shit and become it.  Yes, change has so many implications.  You can change your underwear.  You can change your attitude.  You can change who you hang out with.  If something is hanging, it is not integrated.  It has not become part of the old structure.  So what change says: either make this part of you or it’s a part of you that you made a part of foundation and now you are kicking it out.  Like smoking can be a big part of your foundation.  If you are going to change that, it’s hanging there waiting for something to happen.  So in the United States and in English and Spanish and Polish, the magic of math is still important.  When the Earth went through the 500 years of darkness, they left a couple of things.  The metaphysical people were very aware of them and knew that they were going to have 500 years of darkness.  They knew that if they told the father to tell the son and then the son to tell the next son, that as it is passed down 15 generations over five hundred years, the lineage is going to get bastardized and the information is going to get warped and so we’re going to leave tarot cards and on tarot cards we are going to leave the symbol and we’re going to leave math.
(break in recording)
So certain letters for many, many years in math have represented many, many things.  Like what does N represent?  The unknown.  So if you look at the letters of English, Polish, and certain other languages, the math turns out to be in the language.  Sometimes it’s very obvious and sometimes it’s not.  So when we look at change, this is what’s hanging out.  If something’s hanging out with you, you haven’t embraced it or you just kicked it out of who you are.  Questions?
     What is going on over here?
ZABE:  Starr channeled this chart and you said these were the six main distractions and there are 72 dots that represent the holes where the light bleeds out in the aura.  Most people have a majority of holes in one of the six spaces.
FIRSTS:  So people bleed light.  How do we bleed light?  Through limitations, through beliefs.  How many people have had light bleed so bad that there is a hole in their clothes continually in the same place—on their knees, etc.  Joanna remembers that with Starr, she used to burn out the bottoms of her shoes because she grounded so much.  And in Starr’s shoes were actual holes and black burned spots so she’d buy a pair of shoes at Wal-Mart and wear them for a month and then throw them out.  How many people get holes in their clothes—or worn spots?  That is where you’re bleeding light.  Where do you get it?  What does that say about your heart?—either that or you have a hiatal hernia on your esophagus.  It’s your heart.  You’ve chosen to isolate yourself.  You’re going to show the world and not love anybody.  You’re going to isolate yourself.  “Fuck them—I’m not going to go out.”  And people’s clothes will show where you bleed light.  So half of 144 are 72 holes that can appear through your subtle bodies and in your aura where you actually leak light out on the floor, in the chair, in the bed, in the car.  Some of us bleed light and “bleed light” is polite—“piss away light” is something that Starr would say.  We bleed light because we have pain opening where light can go through.  So tell me, what does the square on the left say?  It says that the people who have distractions have drama triangles, are numb, complaining, sad, and depressed.  And in this section of your auric field which would be how you give it out—what you put out.  You’re whining, complaining . . .  I have seen people sit like this and they don’t have to say one whining, complaining word and there are little pieces coming out of them and you know that person’s pissed.  And complaining and whining and depressed are ways that you poke holes in yourself  and bleed light.  Yes, sometimes it’s appropriate like when someone passes on—there is appropriate sadness and being depressed is appropriate.  All of these are appropriate in twenty-eight day sections.  Maybe three or four or five for death.  But most of these holes are here because people get depressed about how they be or what’s going on in their life and this is inappropriate and the more depressed they become, the more light they bleed so that they cannot even wash their hair or move. 
      Read this section in the middle, Zabe’.
ZABE:  Judgment, good enough, can’t, too much, overwhelmed, and confused. 
FIRSTS:  So all of that is a section where you will bleed light.  And look at me.  This is how you face the world.  I didn’t get that phone number right.  Overwhelm, confused, yada, yada, yada.  All that is right there and that’s how you face people.  Now I’m going to tell you, how many people realize that doing something like drinking and smoking ages you?  Let me tell you something else—being overwhelmed and confused is one of the greatest agers aside from bitter.  Bitter people have faces that look like a road map by the time they’re fifty.  Overwhelmed and confused makes like a question mark on your face.
     Now on your left side is what, Zabe’?
ZABE:  Envy, greed, comparing, martyr, and impulse buying. 
FIRSTS:  So how did that person get that?  How could they get that?  I’m better than them.  How come they got to win that?  What happens in this corner here is that you get taken out of NOW and you get taken out of body.  And so how does that appear on the left side of the aura?  Well you don’t receive and the left side is your receiving side.  You don’t get compliments.  You don’t get acknowledged.  You lose your friends quickly.  That appears over here and it’s part of the drama triangle now. 
     Now below the heart is the downward spiral.  Explain the downward spiral, Zabe’.
ZABE:  So the downward spiral is that something happens, you have a negative thought about it.  That negative thought causes another negative thought which brings you to another negative thought and you keep spiraling downward until, before you know it, you’re really depressed. 
FIRSTS:  So, I screwed up.  Oh my God, I’m so stupid.  You know my mother told me I was stupid.  All my life I’ve been so stupid.  Why am I so stupid?  I’m never going to get anything accomplished this lifetime.  I’m always stupid.  I’m one big fuck-up.  Yep, that’s right.  One big fuck-up on planet earth.  Got it?  The downward spiral.  And the downward spiral on the right-hand side of the body includes, Zabe’?
ZABE:  Lack of awareness, poverty consciousness, negative talk, and lack in general.
FIRSTS:  Ok, that manifests in the lower intestine.  Really the line is at the heart but it doesn’t manifest until below the belly-button.  And the right hip, that right lower intestine.  The line is supposed to be at the heart but earthlings manifest it below the belly-button as these things.  What is in the middle, Zabe’?
ZABE:  Opinion of self, low self-esteem, big ego, etc.,  victim, grandiose.
FIRSTS:  And this is where you manifest your relationships, whether it be your best girlfriend or your lover.  If you’ve got a big ego or are a victim of yourself, you’re not going to find anybody.  It’s going to be a struggle co-creating cash.  It’s going to be a pattern.  Big ego, grandiose—always have to do it better.  Or you can have that “once again, nobody’s ever going to love me” syndrome.  What’s on the left side?
ZABE:  Denial of light, power, denial of self, rage, addiction.
FIRSTS:  So rage and addiction—that is the area.  So sometimes you can cross over, like if you have addiction to cigarettes or something.  Cross your hand over, above your heart and touch your left hip.  That crossover can sometimes pull the will-power, the willingness, over. Don’t touch your heart.  It’s not about your heart; it’s about your mind choosing things.  Cross over without touching your heart.  And while you’re doing this, think nothing—no thing.  Feel the silence in your head and hold it; when you can’t be silent anymore,  take it off.  It’s my new healing technique and it can provide energy to those sections so that the addictions weaken and weaken and become easier to get rid of.  So what is the name of this chart?  Where we bleed light.  
STUDENT:  (inaudible)
FIRSTS:  It’s like a bandage.  First of all, somebody has holes here.  And they stop having holes and the next thing they get is food here.  When food drops, it drops in the same spot.  And as the energy heals, the food is not going to drop in that same spot or maybe only occasionally.  I know a man who ends up with food stains on his tie all the time.  Or a woman who always has a drop on her right breast and then 20 years later, her right breast gets cancer.  What Starr has is this pendant and pieces of food will fall on it because it likes to eat.  How many people have a piece of jewelry that likes to eat?  It’s a piece of jewelry that gets food on it—mustard, egg—and you don’t remember dropping it.  No, you have to be conscious of it and say, look, six pairs of pants with six holes on my right knee.  Three pairs of pants with the crotch blown out of them, where the seams come apart.  Body, I don’t want to process this by leaking energy.  I’m going to process this outside of my aura, outside of my physical body so there is no wear and tear.  You need to become conscious of it.  The more conscious you are of it, the more the subconscious/unconscious knows what to do with it.  And it’s very clear for humanoids.  You are a very old race.  You have had many worlds—four or five--on this planet besides Atlantis.  You have learned many magical. Spiritual, mental, emotional techniques in your lifetimes.  It is sometimes important for your conscious mind to do one thing—play a computer game, watch a movie—while your subconscious mind works for you.  So if you sit down to watch a movie and go, “Duh . . .,” that’s what you’re going to get.  If you sit down to watch a movie and say, “Oh, this is going to teach me about life,” or “This is going to teach me to relax,” or “This is going to teach me to have fun,” your conscious mind goes somewhere but you subconscious/unconscious mind has an assignment.  Your subconscious/unconscious mind is loyal to you.  If you say, “I never want to do that again,”  it will never let you do that again, even when it’s in your highest good.  You make agreements with your subconscious/unconscious mind.  “That relationship hurt; I’ll never love again.  Your subconscious/unconscious mind says, “Yeah, we’ll take everybody who comes close to you and we’ll say exactly the wrong thing at te right time so you push them away.  And we’ll make sure that when they call you, you won’t be there.  And it won’t even record on your answering machine because you don’t ever want to love again.  Your subconscious/unconscious mind is loyal.  To progress the fastest, gentlest, easiest way on planet earth is to give your subconscious and unconscious mind assignments.  When you go to bed, say, “Oh great, night school again tonight.”  Other people go to bed and say, “Oh, I don’t know why I go to night school.  I don’t remember it anyway.”  It’s not important for you to remember it.  It’s education for your unconscious/subconscious mind.  So the way to double your path is to give your subconscious/unconscious mind assignments while you’re relaxing.  Starr sits on the toilet and she says, “Ok subconscious/unconscious mind, eliminate.”  Starr goes to sleep—“Ok subconscious/unconscious mind, go learn and teach in night school.  Starr plays a computer game and whatever is on the computer game, her subconscious/unconscious mind is doing on the planet earth.  So to double the speed and frequency of which you evolve here on planet earth, it is a priority coming up to 2012 to give your subconscious/unconscious mind assignments because if you don’t, it sits there like a bump on a pickle, as Starr would say.  So most people have 72 energy leaks and an energy leak can also manifest itself as stains in the same place.  I’ve seen people who stain the armpits of every piece of clothing.  I’ve had the same t-shirt and not stained the armpits.  I can see people whose neck lines fray.  Look at your clothes.  Where are you bleeding light?  Look at your clothes.  Look at your car seat.  Is there a hole on the lower right hand side of your car seat?  Is there a hole on the lower left hand side?  Or is there a hole in the back right here?  If you drive enough every day, your car will be a reflection of this.  Look for the worn spot.  That’s the section where most of my energy leaks through.  Ok subconscious/unconscious mind, let’s go to work.  You bleed light.  Let’s say I gave you a bottle of water and put seventy-two pin pricks in this all the way through and I gave you this bottle of water to carry around all day.  Within an hour this bottle of water would be empty.  Why are people tired?  Why are people exhausted?  What did you do and be today?  There are 72 ways to bleed water.  And some of us through our spiritual work have healed thirty of them but there are still 42 holes in your bottle of energy, your bottle of light.  And it’s one o’clock and you want to take a nap—oh, that’s Starr.  That’s ok—Starr deserves naps.  So you can make sure that you have the best water from Happy Hollow or from a spring in the woods someplace on Mt. Ida.  We can make sure that it is the best water in the world and that it is full of vitamins and minerals that are nutritious and it doesn’t mean that you’re going to hold it.  Your subconscious/unconscious mind—and the subconscious/unconscious mind of any sentient being—is the most loyal, greatest friend you have.  If you space out, it spaces out.  If you know that you’re going to watch a movie, take a nap, wash the floor and you give it an assignment, it will work its ass off for you.  Your subconscious/unconscious mind does not need food, does not need sleep.  The only thing your subconscious/unconscious mind need is instructions and directions.  The highest wasted product of mankind and human earth is the use of the subconscious/unconscious mind.  And the second highest wasted asset on earth is the use of angels. 
     Ok, Zabe, we hear your mind.  Would you please pick up a pyramid and give it to us?  We’re not to the octahedrons yet.
STUDENT:  (inaudible)
FIRSTS:  They leave holes where they put their hand?  That’s not good.  What you will see when you have inappropriate energy is light bulbs going on and off, your oven breaking.  The other thing you’ll see are pinprick blisters, little white things on your hands—that’s inappropriate energy.  So for example, if you work on somebody with cancer and you normally run 200 watts and you run 500 watts to heal that person, it’s inappropriate energy for your body to handle and it’s ok because you healed somebody but it’s a sign of your body doing it.  There have been times in my life when I ran so much energy that I burned hand marks on somebody’s back.  It was what they needed but Starr’s energetic body could have done it differently.  So these are all tools and signs for us to tune ourselves better. 
     Take a deep breath.  Would you pick up one with a word on it, please.  The bottom of this pyramid is breakthrough.  We are going to a place and time with sacred geometries, pyramids, octahedrons, and dodecahedrons for you to understand that to have a breakthrough is a multidimensional shape.  A breakthrough is not linear.  And to have a breakthrough, one of things that you’re going to need is a breakdown.  And to have a breakthrough there needs to be awareness that you need to have a breakthrough.  Awareness that you need a breakdown, that you need an ah-ha.  And you need follow through once you have that awareness.  So there is the pyramid for breakthrough.
STUDENT:  Can you please say more about breakdown?
FIRSTS:  To start a breakdown you need awareness that what you’re doing isn’t working in your life.  Then you need to change this and so you need follow-through.  And then you have a breakdown and then you have a breakthrough. 
      Can I have one more?  Creativity.  You need choice, you need to be out of the box, you need discipline, and believe it or not, without even moving, you need freedom.
     Put your feet back on the ground.  Silently in your head repeat after me:  I now begin to include myself in universal consciousness and galactic awareness.  I now assign my subconscious and unconscious mind research, tasks, directions, assignments, and work while my conscious mind is resting, relaxing, playing or working.  I now am an instrument to magnify the raising of earth consciousness as I raise my own consciousness toward the planetary uplift or ascension of 2012.  Good.  Are there any questions before Starr comes back?
INGE:  Are the seven circles of the Atlantean City related to the seven of seven of seven?
FIRSTS:  Yes, and when you needed something, be it determination or whatever’s in those seven circles—the positive things or the negative things—when you needed to heal that, you walked into that circle.  Nd that area was gridded for that.  And the people lived there were strong in that area.  You lived where you be-ed in Atlantis.  That was it (except for places where everyone was different).  In Atlantis you lived that way and that would be your strength.  And to heal your weaknesses, you went and had lunch in one of the other circles of the city to have your breakdown your breakthrough, to have your correction of energy.
     Good universe.  We are the Firsts.

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