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Firsts Channeling 6/13/07

     Good universe.  We are the Firsts.  Greetings are accepted.  One of the things that we want to talk to you about that’s going to become really important is something called energetic nutrition.  You think about if you’re getting enough vitamin C or protein or amino acids.  Your cone of consciousness—the eleven pieces here—needs energetic nutrition.  Starr had a master named Pepe and all he ever did was drink Tequila.  Because he had full energetic nutrition in his cone of consciousness, his body, his physical body was in a vital, healthy, youthing, energetic state. 
     There are two ways that you can feed your aura.  You can feed your aura by eating a plan that is appropriate to you.  Please understand that every time you process information and every time you have a wake-up call, your food plan changes.  So as soon as you figure out your food plan—what works well for you, what helps you shape-shift—as soon as you figure it out, you’re at the end of a material level and as soon as you figure it out, you’re going to move to the next plane and your world is not going to work like that any more.  So you can keep appropriate physical nutrition which is much more difficult to do than keeping the cone of consciousness nutrition, energetic nutrition for the eleven parts we are talking about.  So it can work from the top—as above so below.  Especially if you travel or you’re home alone and don’t have many opportunities to have different thing. 
     We’re going to talk today about the cone of consciousness and energetic nutrition.  And we’re going to invent some words today because you don’t have words for them on planet earth.  The first new word is collectrons.  Collectrons are etheric (I really can’t use the word “sub-atomic”) sub-energetic fields (fields mind you--they’re not physically there) that collect energy.  If you’ve ever been with somebody who smoked, you notice that their clothes collect energy.  If you’ve ever been with somebody who’s been out in the woods or the forest, you notice that their aura and clothes smell like fresh air.  You collect whatever you are.  If your house is mildew-y, you collect that.  If your house is filthy, you collect that.  If you’re negative or positive, if you’re a whiner or complainer . . .  Collectrons collect the most abundant energy present.  They’re really efficient.  They store it in your aura, your chakras, your subtle bodies, and in your cone of consciousness—mostly in your cone of consciousness.  If somebody smells of fresh air, if somebody smells of ozone, and most importantly you healers will recognize this one—how many of you have had a healing where the room smelled like roses or flowers?  And how many people have done a healing and the room smelled like shit?  What is happening is that this cone of consciousness is so full of shit that as you work through the healing, the point happens where the collectrons have collected more God and Source than shit so the shit will be emanated.  Sometimes you have something when you’re born from the 30’s to the 70’s—anesthesia—and sometimes you can pump energy into someone and in between their energetic there’s still anesthesia stored from their birth and it’s stored here in the cone of consciousness.  So what the collectrons do is they collect the most abundant energy.  They’re efficient.  When there is a smell that is different for people—when you smell mildew, when you smell roses . . .  Roses are usually signs angels, God, higher beings, extra-terrestrials have been there.  The collectrons collect.  If you hang out with whiny, crabby people, then what happens is that your collectrons collect that particular signature of energy—whiny, crabby, bitchy, complaining—and they store it in your cone of consciousness.  It is far better for you to be alone—all one—than it is to let
     Your collectrons collect inappropriate energies.  Some of you are saying, “I used to go out all the time.  I used to do this and I used to go to the bars and have a drink, I used to eat out five times a week, and you’re not doing it anymore because as 2012 approaches, the energetic nutrition needs to be established on this planet earth.  Your clothes carry it.  If Starr has a fight with Art that’s really bad, she’ll throw away the clothes that she wore.  If Starr has a client that dies and she holds that client, she’ll throw her clothes away.  If you have a mental breakdown—and I’m not talking about the kind that sends you to a sanitarium—if you have a crisis and you’re crying and everything is coming out of your body, the clothes nearest you are going to absorb it.  Rayon and polyester just suck it up.  Cotton, wool, silk, linen absorb it slowly.  Rayon, polyester, acetate pull it out quicker but they bounce it away and then they start rotting so the next time you put it on, that piece of clothing stinks.  The cotton, the linen, the silk absorb it less quickly but more appropriately.  So if you have a melt-down on the day that you find out that someone important to you died, those clothes—that top, those underpants, that bra—you need to take and move that energy out of your life.  It’s kind of like a scabEventually a scab falls off.  You need to take care of that because when you’re in a highly vital, energized state, which you will be when something negative happens, the energy’s been squashed and pushed around you in all directions—the collectrons will collect that energy in your clothes.

JA_LENE:  Is this like sanitation for food?  Are these like practices for keeping ourselves sanitary?

STARR:  Sanitary in Starr’s head is not what restaurants consider sanitary.  It might be physically clean but energetically . . .  Go have some Chinese food.  That restaurant may be sanitary but they cook it so fast that two hours later, you’re hungry.  It is not sanitary because the collectrons have collected “get this food out in a hurry.”  You can have a Big Mac that somebody’s made with loving care because it’s their first job and it can taste better than that Chinese food.  One of Starr’s rules of thumb:  don’t go to a buffet often because God, spirit, angels can bless the food.  They’re going to come and they’re going to walk while that waiter’s taking that prime rib and whenever the cook’s done with it, they’re going to put an energy in it that she’s prayed for.  When you go to a buffet, that food’s already energized.  You can go to a buffet two or three times a month, but don’t eat there all the time because that is public food with public energy.  When you go to a fine restaurant, the chef has gone to school and the chef takes pride in his cooking.  The chef makes sure that the plate is perfect.  Everyone has their own job.  You’re in charge of vegetables, you’re in charge of garnishes.  And everyone has a mastery, something that they’re really good at.  So when you go to a fine restaurant rather than a buffet, how much spiritual nutrition is there?  A lot.  People like eating out.  And even when you go to a fine restaurant, the chef may be divorcing his wife.  In Europe when there is salt in the food, what do they say?  The cook fell in love because the food is too salty meaning that the cook is out of his body.  So what I’m telling you is, when we talk about hygiene, probably hygiene woud be a better word.  Spiritual hygiene.  So when we talk about spiritual hygiene we have to understand one thing: that the collectrons collect whatever the greatest energy is and they store it because they believe that this is what you need because you’ve surrounded yourself by it, because you’re in it.  So are we clear on what the collectrons do?
     So they say, “Birds of a feather flock together.  If you’re a whiner and complainer, you’re going to find somebody else to whine, bitch or complain to so you can feel good about yourself.  If you are a victim, you will find victims or rescuers or persecutors—there is that drama triangle—to solidify the energy.  People of earth, it is not about solidifying your energy, maintaining a state of consciousness.  People of earth, it is about increasing the vibration.  And Starr’s teacher, Esperanza, says something that is really interesting—that the only place that there is enlightenment is if you’re uncomfortable.  And that is what we’re talking about.  If you’re comfortable, if you’re ok where you’re at, you’re not moving.  You must quest, desire, look for improvement.  Even a lateral shift, different unique vibration for you to experience and move on.
     The next word we have made up is adherons.  Adherons are energy fields created when desire and action start to match.  So if your desire is to be wealthy and you take no action steps, how many adherons are there to glue on to you?  Zero.  If you work yourself like a dog with no plans just to get money into the bank, with no goals, how many adherons are going to be there for you?  Not very many.  So repeat to me—what is an adheron, Inge?

INGE:  It is the collective energy that adheres when desire and action steps match.

FIRSTS:  Then whatever is your desire sticks to your reality.  It adheres like glue.  So in energetic nutrition to create the adherons, desire and actions must match.  Many earthlings have many desires; they take very few matching action steps.  Many earthlings take action steps and don’t know what they want so the action steps do not turn into adherons.  Do we understand this piece of energetic nutrition?
     The next piece of spiritual nutrition.  If you went back to the 1800s and started talking about proteins or t-cells, the medical doctors would not have any consciousness of those things in those terms.  They might say, “They’re not getting enough meat.  They’re not getting enough vitamin C.  They have scurvy.”  They did not know about amino acids. They did not know about t-cells.  They realized that they were there but they did not name them or name their function.  As we moved into the first half of this century, we’re going to look at energetic nutrition which is why people can drink a whole bottle of tequila and live off of it and heal off of it all day long.  Why somebody can eat chile all day long and live off of it and be vital because their cone of consciousness is in perfect or in excellent nutritional state.
     Catalons.  A catalon comes from the word catalyst and the word “on.”  Catalons are really special pieces of vitality.  You catch them from someone else.  You catch them from watching a motivational moment on tv where a handicapped guy has cancer and he wins all the bicycle races.  You catch them  Catalons are caught.  Catalons can be caught from a book, a quote, or a person.  They are outside stimulus.  10% of the time, you can create your own catalons.  You call these “ahas.”  You create a catalyst that moves your direction, a catalyst that puts two energies together and makes them a compound or a catalyst that puts more energies together and makes them a complex compound way of living, way of perceiving.  Basically when you make your own catalon you say, “I’ve been deceiving myself to believe . . .”   But we don’t say it that way.  We say, “How smart am I?  I just put those two things together.”  So catalons are needed.  Catalons are needed at different rates for different people.  Some people’s lives can go by gently and easily and quickly with very few catalons.  Some people can struggle and take giant steps in their lifetime with and immense number of catalons.  And some people spend their whole lives writing and reading about catalons and yet do not create them and are so egotistical when they go someplace and they do not catch them.  One of Starr’s things is that teachers stop being teachers when they stop taking classes.  They’re not catching any catalons.  How can they give them to their students?  The teacher needs to be reading.  The teacher needs to be inspired by tv, by radio, by music, by visions.  So a catalon is something you need very little of yet it’s like the match.  Without the match, you can’t start the fire so you’re cold all night.  Once the fire is started in that fireplace, you can keep going for weeks and months.  It’s the match that lights the candle.  That candle can keep burning for eight or nine days, we understand.  You guys have candles that burn a long time here on planet earth.  They’re illegal everywhere else—anything that combusts is illegal on other planets but we’re not here to talk about that.  So catalons are very important, more important than salt is in your food.  Salt is sort of a catalon—just a pinch of salt brings out the flavor in your food, makes all the flavors come out.  Too much salt ruins it.  So you cannot always be stimulated ad go from one aha to another without planning them.  So catalons are very important.
     The next energetic nutrition is called the snufftins.  Snufftins snuff stuff.  They put things out.   So you get an idea in your head: “Oh my God, I’m going to be homeless.  I ‘ll have to live on the street and I’ll starve and I’ll freeze and I’ll die.”  A snufftin is an energetic piece of nutrition that when you start having negative thought and start making negative decisions and start being and doing inappropriate things for your spiritual growth, these snufftins kick in and let you choose a different direction.  Remember not the opposite direction but a different direction.  Snufftins come from giving.  There’s a saying in spiritual earthling teaching: the more you give, the more you’ll receive.  Give what you want to receive because that’s what you’re going to get.  Snufftins come.  They are multiplied.  And they come from giving, they come from gratitude, and they come from triple aligned forgiveness.  Triple aligned forgiveness is mind, heart, and body.  If somebody slaps you on the face and leaves a red bruise when you were six, you forgive them in your heart and in your head and then your body will make that same red mark and let it go.  How many people have been in healing with Starr where people’s black eyes and broken lips have shown up?  The body needs to release it.  So how do you get a snufftin? You give, you show gratitude, you do forgiveness.  If not, you will be going in the same inappropriate direction on and on and on until you get a wake-up call.  And then you will choose another direction and you’ll realize that is important.  It may be important, vital, appropriate.  Then it becomes not so appropriate.  And then inappropriate.  And you haven’t noticed the difference in your energetic spiritual growth.  Snufftins will say, “There’s another way to be or do this.”  They will change your direction.  Without gratitude and forgiveness and giving—and I mean truly giving.  Not just mouthing it.  A lot of earthlings say (in a whiny voice), “I forgive you.  I forgave my mother.  Thank you.”  And they’re thinking, “What can I get out of this person next?  What about me?”  instead of radiating that whole person in light, love, sacred geometry, energy, love, who gives what—focusing on them.  The tank you is like, “I said thank you.  Egotistical me.  Thank you, Starr.  Oh, I hope she hears me.  Does that mean I got some spiritual brownie points?  I just said ‘thank you’ to Starr.”  Without meaning it.  Without alignment.  So do we understand what snufftins are?  And the reason why it isn’t “on” is because it’s “in.”  They’re not snufft-ons.  They’re snufft-ins because it’s inside of you.  So this is a crucial part.
     The next piece of energetic nutrition is absorbons.  You have an earth word called willingness.  Willing to be a millionaire doesn’t do anything about it.  Absorbons.  Much like a collectron.  When you are in the presence of something you want, desire, or need—a model, a hero-absorbons are created.  When you let go of your shit.  In the place of an erroneous belief system.  In the place of a baby belief system (not necessarily a negative belief system).  In the place of where your ego was.  Absorbons, when you let go, are created.  They are like this little towel Starr once had.  It was in a little bag and it was dehydrated and you flipped it open and the more she used it on her wet body, the bigger it got.  Absorbons are like those towels.  That’s the best I can say.  They can carry up to 100,000 times their space in information, energy, and vitality.  And you can’t create them unless you let go of something.  You can’t sit here and say, “I’m sitting here making a bunch of absorbons.  How cool am I?”  or “Welcome absorbons.  I now have 1,000,000 absorbons in my aura, body, organs and systems.”  It does not happen.  Let go of a belief system.  Let go of your ego.  Let go.  It doesn’t even have to be an erroneous belief system.  It could be a simpler one.  And most earthlings capacity to make absorbons is defective because of big egos or too little egos—low self-esteem—where you keep that victim, that martyr.  As you let go, the absorbons begin to multiply.  Do you understand?  This is not something that is just there.  This absorbon is something that you have to do in a creative process.  And sometimes it’s like this:  Wow, I want what Greg Braden has.  OK, then I’ve got to get some written material out.  Oooh, I’d like to be like that role model.  And then what happens is that in saying that it becomes a prayer for that and it becomes such a focus for light that anything unlike that person, that role model, starts falling out of your body.  Remember, every thought is a prayer.  Every statement is a prayer.  So we’re there with absorbons.
     And then, last but not least, filterenes.  And there’s one more section of energetic nutrition that we’ll hit in about September of Earth time.  Believe it or not, filterenes are directly proportional to the amount of water that flows through your body on a daily basis.  Filterenes are stimulated by hydrogen and oxygen combination.  The water you drink carries ecto, endo, morphocosm out of your system.  Your human bodies are efficient at processing your shit.  But humanoids have a tendancy to be toxic.  They process their shit and store it in their liver.  They process their shit and store it in their intestines.  Filterenes are created when new water goes through the system and filters out the stuff that you’ve already processed.  Filterenes are important.  There comes a point and a time when you can drink too much water as a humanoid.  You people don’t know about that yet.  But right now, what most people drink is not enough water.  When you can’t swallow that sip of water, that’s when you’ve had too much water.  So the more water you run . . .  That’s why you guys have all these juicing and liquid diets.  Sometimes it’s not the product; it’s the quantity of fluid.  Oh, I didn’t eat a meal today, I had shakes.  It’s the quantity of fluid.  Or God forbid, what is that shit that you people have in a can for old people?  Ensure.  Oh right, you should be insured to drink it.  It’s got sugar in it and all this other shit.  I’m going to tell you this:  your vitality, your health, your ability to youth is directly proportional to the amount of filterenes.  Most people say, I don’t need to be like that.” And then they store everything like that in their liver or in the coating of their large intestine, or in their veins and arteries as fat.  Or salt.  You say, “I don’t need to be like that.”  You have said that prayer.  But because of a lack of water, the filterenes don’t filter out that energy.  And it’s not the water that creates it.  It’s the energetic process when the water pushes, pulls, directs the inappropriate energy out of the body.  It’s that little vortex that helps you filter.  You will come to a point of time in your life if you drink water appropriately where you will need less and less water because your body, your energy field, your chakras, your subtle body has become accustomed to making filterenes in high quantities.  You guys shower now.  That is a big mistake.  You need to bathe a couple times a week.  Starr’s in a bad place—she doesn’t have a bath tub.  But when she goes to hotels, she sits in the bath tub.  Your skin and your aura need to sit in that water.  The best cleansing you can ever have is to go in salt water.  Spread your aura out.  Just say it—I spread my aura out—and then pull it back.  You can stand on the beach and smell the ocean and have filterenes, salt and water combined, the salt drives the water, that humidity right into your body and this is how filterenes are created.  Do you understand what a filterene is? 
     Are there any questions about these points of energetic nutrition?
PAULINE:  Is a swimming pool ok?
FIRSTS:  What inert gas does the swimming pool have?  This will get between your organs.  If you go to a baking soda pool, yes.  If you go to these baths downtown, yes.  If you go to a swimming pool, it’s ok to swim in it and it’s ok to lounge around in it but it is not going to put forth filterenes.  It’s the same like drinking your water that is filtered and that has another inert gas in it—flouride.  Drinking filtered water from a $1400 filter that filters out physical bullshit and you’re drinking water with fluoride or chloride in it.  My advice to you is spring water, spring water, spring water.  Take your gallon jugs.  Leave your gallon jugs with Art and tell him, “Art, this is too heavy for me to handle.  I know that you go every week and fill up 30 gallons.  Would you mind filling these five up for me?”  And then you can pick them up on Sundays. 
     What percentage of water are humans?
ZABE’:  It varies according to age.
FIRSTS:  Get this:  what you are the most of is what you are going to have to consume the most of.  So fluids, fluids, fluids. Does carrot juice actually help you?  It may or may not because of the sugars but yes, if you drink carrot juice, you don’t have to do all of the digesting.
STUDENT:  (inaudible)
FIRSTS:  Absolutely.  The chlorine and fluoride will go into the salt.  The other thing that you guys don’t know is if you let the algae grow in the swimming pool and you get in with the algae, algae is some of the most magnificent thing your body can work with because the by-products of algae are sharper than oxygen and ozone.  Your trees do a service.  They take in carbon dioxide and they put out oxygen.  If you were to get into a slimy, algae-filled pond, then it would be differently better than going to an ocean.  And I’m not talking about a dirty pond.  It could be mucky because it’s got organic . . .  And your attitude to that is, “Oooh, that pond’s filthy.”  And probably it will contain more energetic nutrition in an algae-filled pool that does not have other pollutants in it because algae is a great, great processor of inappropriate energetic nutrition.  And let me tell you, mildew.  Water and walls come together and rot.  Mildew eats the rot away.
MARLENA:  What about fire.  Is it illegal on other planets?
FIRSTS:  Fires happen naturally.  On many planets, lightening or something like lightening happens and huge burns occur.  Even in America, there are huge burns every twenty years and the stuff that burns becomes part of the composite.  There’s no smoking cigarettes, no lighting candles, no incense although you have a little heater and you can put oil on it—it’s something much more complicated than what you have on planet earth today.  But on other planets, no combustion.  We’re going to give earth planets because the planetary law is 100,000 people on a planet—that’s it.  When we come to earth, what is going to happen is the biggest pilgrimage you humans have ever seen.  There are planets that are fertile, have animals. That are ready to be habitated.  They have homes, domiciles for 100,000 people and no one to live in them.  Crops to be taken care of.  Satellites so that they can get school and tv and telephone.  Empty planets.  Because there are lots of sentient beings and more planets have been prepared.  And the bottom line is no combustion on any of our planets.  When we come the first gift to mankind is going to be 144 planets.  Homes built, ready to move into, farms, animals, vegetables, artists centers, satellites set up, television, tv.  The only problem is, how do we give them to you.  Do we say, “Ok, China, you have so many millions of people.  You get five planets.  Do we say, “We’ll give this planet to you but it has to be mixed earthlings?”  How would you feel if we gave six planets to the Arabs?
ROY:  How do we get there?
FIRSTS:  We’re very smart and we keep the secrets of space travel to ourselves.  And fortunately as the race evolves, teleportation becomes teleportation not only on your planet but becomes in the solar system extraterrestrial teleportation—but believe me, you guys are still a little slow.  So no combustion.  And there’s a government and there’s a way that the income gets spread.  You have to pay for your house.  You have to pay for your kid’s education.  It’s different from what your work is and where you get to prosper is on your hobby.  So your hobby may be making jewelry.  Now in the galaxies in the universe, there is such a sickness of mass produced products.  So a pendant that you made by hand would be worth a thousand dollars and yet a diamond pendant made by machine may be worth $200.  So a trend for the last hundred years in the universe is what Starr would call “artsy-fartsy things”—individually made, hand made.  The tolerance for replicated, duplicated, a factory that turns out 10,000 toys all the same—a hand-made wooden toy would be worth 1000% more on the universal market than a toy made by a machine that was expensive.  So one of the things that happens with each upraised race is that they come into a level of prosperity because their arts, crafts, potteries, their play is done.  There are huge troups of troubadors who travel from planet to planet and charge a very ungodly some for you to come.  There are very few people who watch video, dvd, rsc—you don’t have rsc yet, do you—to entertain themselves.  If you’re going to listen to music, you’re going to play an instrument and you’re going to be in a band.  And your group will practice.  Or you will go listen to a band.  So a nice sum of your income is from your job.  From growing your plants, growing your animals—a nice sum to support the building of your house, to support the roads, to support the education.  But a tiny portion of your hobby—your arts, your craft, your hobby—now people will wtch you on satellite but you better be live.  So when the uplifted civilizations come, there is a huge demand for 10-15 years for your arts and crafts.  Your little shit from the flea market—the hand painted goose with the little ribbon tied onto it tat sells for $40-$50 will sell for $1,000 to extraterrestrial who prefer the energy, intention, and love that someone makes those stupid geese with.  Or pendants that you create, etc.  So a huge level of prosperity comes.  We don’t stress the planets.  We’ll ut 50 million or 60 million people on a planet with the maximum of 100,000.  So you need about 144 planets.

(Break in recording)

Hey, do we put artists on one, Chinese on one, Italians on another, do we put all the good cooks on one?  Yes, there are education worlds where children can go to college.  There are entertainment worlds where plays can be made, troubadours can be trained.  There are worlds that are largely agricultural.  And yes, we do need animals.  We have large varieties of animals and we have figure out the brain connection with them and as long as they are not sentient beings, we eat them.  And you, the greatest pioneers, are going to be the masses who leave earth. For new planets.  Planets that are 7/8 water.  Planets that are 7/8 desert.  Within a range of temperatures exactly like you have here on planet earth are the planets.  All of them with breathable, invigorating air and rich soil Six to seven of them have been inhabited by a race that disappeared.  And there are some rules.  The rest of the planets are waiting for you, waiting for your consciousness with a level of prosperity—new pioneers.  And you will not take your heavy energy with you.  For you make this ascension, for you to be lifted to this point, you must have in your consciousness how you love your land, how you love your art, how you work your plants—you open your door up and you yell, “Hey beautiful plants.  Make beautiful energy today—it is raining.  Hey handsome, nutritious plants—it is sunny today.  Drink the sunshine.”  It’s part of the job description that you talk to the animals and talk to the plants.  And an educational system that would surprise you. 

     Next I want to talk to you about some states of consciousness.  I want to talk to you about prayer, meditation, and silence.  Prayer, meditation, and silence is a space and place that expands your container for spiritual nutrition.  So if we were to say how much of a stomach, capacity you have for spiritual nutrition, it could be the size of an egg or it could be 11 times the size of your body.  Notice that people on earth don’t want to have anything to do with anything spiritual.  And if they do, they want the minister to take care of it.  So silence, prayer, and meditation stretches your container for spiritual nutrition.
     Being in the body, staying in the now, and being grounded accelerates the rate that you can absorb.  The more serenity and inner peace states of consciousness that you can reach, the higher your capacity to share your spiritual nutrition with others.  The more connected and the more centered you are bridges the gap between the subconscious and conscious mind, letting you know when you are spiritually hungry, letting you know when you need more peace and more serenity.  The more grounded, connected, and centered you are, the more it comes to your consciousness your lack or abundance of spiritual nutrition. 
     The energies of healing, clarity, and processing are the engine that drive the appropriate use and distribution of spiritual nutrition.  That’s the top line.  I didn’t get to that first—I wasn’t very linear.
     Take a deep breath.  I need to know what we got in our handout. 
ZABE’:  Can I ask for a clarification—is spiritual nutrition the same thing as energetic nutrition? 
FIRSTS:  Absolutuely.  I am only talking about spiritual nutrition and for Starr in her head, sometimes it’s the same thing.  Now first of all I want you to look at your energetic nutrition chart.  And much to my disapproval, candle was on this list.  I realize what the condition of earth is and I understand that with you ascending and with the clean-up process that will happen later, I understand that burning candles now is not going to make that much difference.  So we studied the map of the cone of consciousness before and what I would like you to do as homework is to read what the meaning of SHEA is and look at the sign.  Its energy is similar to Libra.  To burn a black candle would create it.  Chrysanthemum is the flower.  The tree that has it is elder.  The gem is tourmaline.  The sacred geometry is numbered.  The color is light yellow.  The element is nitrogen.  The bach flower remedy, the mythological medicine spirit, the herb, the supplement.  Somewhere on this chart is a column you know well, be it colors or gemstones.  I want you to read the definition of Farl, Mura, Eck, Fip, Para, Qua, Teta, Gar, Futh, and Earth Consciousness and to compare those in your head or to go to the internet and look up Libra or chrysanthemum, the tree elder, what tourmaline does, what the nitrogen element does, the bach flower remedy, the mythological medicine spirit—look them up and put them in the files in your head.  This is something that you will work with for the next seven or eight months.  This is not something that I expect you to say, “Here’s the chart and we’re done with it.” 
     What is the next piece of the handout?  Remember when we talked last week about the egg of the soul and we got this drawing and we said it had seven levels?  Here are seven charts that are to be studied.  Here is your physical soul map.  Experiences of the muscle, your bones being broken is held in the outer layer of the soul until we go to the innermost layer of how your glands work, how psychic you are, etc.  The first layer is where the history records of your physical body are in your soul.  The second layer is the energetic soul map.  When you look at this energy and let’s say that you don’t have timing and you’re always late, then you might want to work on exquisite timing and the creation of harmony.  And you may say, “Where is this?”  They’re all layers on layers.  This is where that term in your metaphysics comes from—that cosmic onion.  Because once you work on exquisite timing, in that same layer is love, in that same layer is aspirations, in that same layer is doable plans, in that same layer is your oriented plans, in that same layer is how you handle spiritual energy, and in that same layer is skull.  Do you see how it is a cosmic onion?  So this is your energetic soul map.  And I want you to write three questions down for next week about the energetic soul map.
     Here encompassed in everything is your attitude soul map and I want you to write three questions for the firsts about the attitude soul map.  Why is spiritual joy opposite of humility?  Why is spontaneous forgiveness opposite of empathic love?  What does natural sensitivity mean?
     Then is your soul contract soul map and that where you keep your agreements.  And I want three questions on that.  And your inspiration soul map.  And then the karmic soul map.  And then the group soul map.  So what you need is 21 questions which will show the Firsts you studied and which will open up new doorways, new pathways to giving you new ways of asking questions and bigger, higher realms to work with it.
     I assume at some point in time as we go on with these that a chapter will be written about each one of these soul maps and that a definition to each one of these categories will be added, and each one being a colored ring—the self-control, the timing, the self-discipline, the decency are all in one ring.  And we’ll talk about how when you’re stuck, you’re stuck in one layer.  And you’ll look and say, “My timing’s fine but my energetic discipline isn’t.  And energetic attraction—I don’t have that.  And you’re going to look down through this chart as if was to take a pin and stick it through here and the things under it on all these layers are the things that you are going to have to work on.   Some of you are a little weird and we’re going to have to stick it in this way (diagonally).  Some of you are a little weird and it’s going to have to go through this way.  Or it’s going to go around and about.  But basically these are maps for you figuring out which are appropriate steps and which are missteps.  Well I’ve got the exquisite timing and the love down, I’ve got aspirations.  Doable plans—ooops, they take a little bit too much.  Oriented force is there.  I can handle those spiritual energies.  My skull’s fine.  Oops, I missed a step.  This is a lot of material to be giving you all at one.  As we work with these charts, I know and Starr knows that if you can’t handle it, you’ll question it and from questioning it, new learning experiences will evolve.  As we start distilling this information and you start bringing questions, if you ask me my comprehension of what Starr thinks you know, it is this: that you are all above average in you comprehension compared to other human beings.  So questions are going to become a powerful tool to disseminate this information, to get it on the internet, to get it into a book, to make it into a movie.  Your questions are going to help the planet earth in its ascension process.  Do you understand?  Three questions for all seven layers.
     And just because we love graphs, we gave you a graph to kind of tell you where we are in the universe and it looks like this.  We really loves graphs and diagrams and charts.  I imagine this will be one of the greatest channeling charts.  So you can see this:  the Firsts, the Eternals and two races of extraterrestrial beings who have been channeled a lot here on planet earth—the Arcturians and the Pleiadeans.  The Pleiadeans like work, universal education.  The Arcturians like plants and environments and animals.  The Firsts like ascension and we work against famine and we like extended family.  The Eternals like soul development and do not care about what’s going on this lifetime—they look at the big picture and work with that and we’re less patient than that.  Healing and work.  And you can see that joy and highest good are kind of there.  It’s a little map to show you where the Firsts and Eternals are and how these for groups of sentient beings focus their energy.  This is a really good chart to have.  Are there any questions on it?
JA-LENE:  Why are some things connected and some things are just there?
FIRSTS:  You already have talked to the Pleiadeans and Arcturians.  Their flow has already come in.  See the arrows on famine?  That hasn’t happened yet.  That’s coming energy.  See the arrows on the Eternals for the soul work and soul healing?  That hasn’t happened yet.  The ascension is in the process of happening.  So that hasn’t happened yet but it’s not flowing that well, either.  There is a crooked line to work and the crooked line to the Pleiadeans is that it’s not about doing the work for them; it’s about having the tools to do the work.  They spend more time tooling the tools to do the job than doing the job to do the job more efficiently.  And I am sure that when we start adding more of the root races and other sentient beings that are ascended in the universal galactic area, this chart will get more complex.  But this is a first step for you to understand that sentient beings do what they like and do what they’re good at.  There are the toolmakers and there are the environmental librarians and we’re good at inspiring; we’re good at making the extension.  We’re good at making extended family.  And most of all, we’re good at feeding the masses.  Look at the Eternals and they’re like, “Well you know, I’m not going to do anything right now because even though it feels good, it’s not part of my soul development.  As you notice, the Firsts have many opinions about the Eternals and most are probably not correct.  We’ve had about two million years where we’ve polarized about them.  We don’t say negative things about them; we just say opinionated things about them. 
     Ok, I don’t know if I want to show you this or not but I’m going to since it is included.  (Box charts) In the United States, Australia, and Europe, the idea that you psychologically, metaphysically, spiritually have to process something, take it from one point, put it in the blender, the shaker, put it into something, process something for it to turn out to be something else is appropriate.  Now we want to talk to you about a double-bind.  A double-bind is something like this—you do it with your children:  You can watch tv for ten minutes and then go to bed or you can color you coloring book for ten minutes and then go to bed.  No matter what they choose, they’re going to bed in ten minutes.  So double-binds are situations that you have here.  When you process denial, you may look at your denial sheet and say, “Well I’m a big dismisser.  I dismiss things when people say that they don’t like me and say that they are hypercritical.  Well you’re going to have to work on disavowal.  When you’re protecting something, you’re covering up something.  Ad if you look at all of these boxes, to process your denial, you have to take one of these sections and work both sides of it.  Some of you have three or four of these sections.  And some of you have zero denial at all.  To make processing more easy because 144 processes are coming next year that go with this set of charts and another set of charts. 
     So let’s look at denial.  And I want you to figure out if when you had denial this lifetime, which box did you work in?  I want you to look at distraction.  Obviously if you were distracted, you wouldn’t be here.  So obviously most of you don’t have a lot of distractions around your spiritual life.  Maybe you have distractions around relationships or cash.  Obstanding is a new word.  Obstanding is a combination of being sefish and greedy, self-centered or low self-esteem, etc.  Obstanding is the opposites—too big of an ego, too little of an ego, too much grandiosity, no self-esteem.  Obstanding is higher or lower than what is true.  So there is too much or not enough.  It all comes from measuring.  So I think that’s the only new word that we have today. 
     Then there’s numb.  If you’re numb about something, figure out when you were numb.  “I was numb going to high school.”  What happened?  “I was aloof and immobilized.  I had the feeling of fear and I worked through that.”  Does anybody find Starr aloof?  No.  Does anyone find Starr immobilized?  No.  (Stop making fun of Starr.)
     Sabotage.  Do you do sabotage?  Which box do you work in?  Do you do rebellion?  Are you stuck?  And I want you to come back with at least four of these things identifying your issues.  “This is my issue.  It comes around work.  This is my issue.  It comes around time.”  Four of these so that you pick out your blocks and we can start introducing some of the processes. 
     Is that all they got in their handout?  Thank God.  People will work years to develop one chart and we have developed this group of charts because we love diagrams and charts and we basically are visionary sentient beings and we believe that a picture takes the place of a thousand words.
     Take a deep breath.  This is a lot.  We will come to the question and answer part.  Zabe’, do you have questions?  Did Starr give you any questions?
ZABE’:  We have one but Starr said not to do it today.
FIRSTS:  Ok, save the question, then.  Starr sometimes knows best.
ZABE’:  And we have the pyramids, too.
FIRSTS:  Inge, questions?
INGE:  No questions for now.
FIRSTS:  Anyone els?
JA-LENE:  You were talking about the communities on the different planets.  I was wondering what kind of infrastructure governs them.  How does that work?  We have the framework of democracy here and several other systems that are pretty pitiful.  What does this new model look like?
FIRSTS:  Well, it’s totally a democracy minus things you can’t change.  You can’t change the fixed amount you’re paying for your house.  We have laws of interest.  Most of your banking laws are outside of our laws.  They’re too tough, too greedy.  Then you vote by computer.  We’re more advanced than that.  If  you’re going to vote for something, you vote by computer.  There are planetary laws that are irrevocable.  You can’t have slaves.  You can’t have combustion.  In fact there are seventeen planetary laws that are unbreakable that the whole planet abides by.  But whether we’re going to grow raspberries or chukachukalakas . . .  And trust me, one thing that this planet has that a lot of other planets do not have is a wide variety of species that can be domesticated.  So dogs and cats which are unlike anything on any other planet.  Most animals on other planets are armored like armadillos and rhinoceros—not fluffy and furry and cute—but are armored against life and survived through different things.  Breeding pets will also be a huge income.  So your planet can choose to breed domestic pets.  When a planet takes something on they must consider the expenses of shipping dog food and fertilizer for tomato plants or fertilizer for cotton—a planet will make a decision for what crops and animals to have.  They will vote.  But you can’t vote people into slavery.  It is a cosmocracy vs. democracy because hundreds of planets have the same seventeen rules.  What you raise, how you live, the work week is set—it is four days a week.  You can work on your hobby those other three days.  It’s approximately 30 hrs.  The work week’s pretty set.  We found that over a million years, that certain planetary laws are appropriate for the health.  Of course there is no murder, etc.  And with the energetic nutrition, the life span is usually increased.  The hardest laws that the earthlings will fight and protest are about having a baby.  You must be educated and someone must die on the planet half the time before another baby is conceived.  So the biggest issue with humans will be the right to procreate.  We’re going to talk about politics, democracy, but with the life span of several hundred years, you can understand that the female humanoid in certain environmental situations can breed for 150 years.  So if she can breed for 150 years, having 40-50 children could be common.  So this is what you will not have a say in.  The prosperity will be there.  There will be medicine for everybody, food for everybody. People who don’t have homes will move into homes that by earth standards are luxurious and are made out of something called ferma so that no hurricane or fire can blow down.  People will move into homes that are already built and have been built for the last 50,000 years preparing for sentient beings to come and live on these fertile planets.  So the biggest political issues will be procreation and I guess there will be some people who will go into the forest and live in the trees—it happens every time—not to pay the tax or mortgage for the house or the tax for education or for the roads.  There will be tabs that are about an inch in diameter—they are atomic particles—and you take this tab and put it in your fuse box and it runs your house for a thousand years.  They’re very expensive and the vehicles run on them.  You get one for a house and each person gets one.  When a child is born, he can take his tab and put it in his house or he can take his tab and put it in his car.  And they are identified and aligned with your dna so nobody can steal them or if they do steal them, they will come back to you.  So you’re not going to pay for electricity.  You’re not going to pay for health.  There will be food for you.  But you will pay for your house and you will pay the planetary tax.  And it’s the same thing for each planet.  The biggest contention will be your right to procreate.  And I can predict that as it has been the case with the last six races that have ascended.  “I want to have a baby now even though I can’t take care of him or give him love or energy.”  And you have to actually go to school and take courses in parenting before you can have a child.  And 50% of the time, somebody has to die before you are allowed to procreate.
JA-LENE:  So we’re not ascending into a utopian state.
FIRSTS:  You don’t think that’s utopian?  You’ve got food, you’ve got fresh air, you’ve got a  dwelling—it’s the Garden of Eating.  You’ve got everything to eat.
JA-LENE:  But there will still be internal conflict.
FIRSTS:  Why do you think that your soul is in your body?  To have internal conflict and to learn from it.  There are light beings whose bodies exist of light and they have conflict with the environment and that makes them better, sharper light beings, more intense light beings.  We talked about it in the beginning.  It’s about body and spirit coming together.  Of course there will be internal conflict.  But as far as we’re concerned, it’s the Garden of Eden.  You’re fed, you’re medicated.  There’s no disease—well that’s not true—you still get fungus on your toes, athelete’s foot, and the common cold that we can’t get rid of.  There are a few things.  I would consider that Utopia and I would consider that the Garden of Eden.  By earthly standards when you think that one third of you planet does not have enough to eat and when you think of how many people died of malnutrition this year and you’ve got 300,000 people dying from AIDS, this is utopia.  So being in your body is a gift and a lesson and as long as you perceive it as a struggle, you’re not going to evolve as quickly as you could.  So it will be the Garden of Eden again.
    Any more questions?  And no, I’m not giving you the 17 laws.  And I am saying to you the greatest pioneer pilgrimage will be when the eart clears itself out to 144 planets.  50,000,000 to 100,000,000 people to a planet—that’s what we consider galactically healthy for pollution, for eating, for space, for thinking. 
YVONNE:  What are you going to do to Earth?
FIRSTS:  Well 50-100 million people are going to stay here.  They we stay here and we’re going to rejuvenate planet earth.  We’ll spend 50 years cleaning up lake Eerie and 100 years cleaning up the atmosphere, regrowing the rain forest.  It’s not like earth is going to become our possession.  It will still belong to earthlings but with a consciousness that we don’ have right now.  You’ll get a material called ferma—it can build anything and withstand anything.  It’s a complex chemical formula made of sand and dirt with an advanced type of electrical bonding where nothing can destroy it—you can build anything out of it.  You can build it to make it look like malachite, sugilite.  You can build it to make it look like water or build it where it’s transparent and looks like sky.  So earth wil be rejeuvenated.  We’ll put a list of all of things that need to be rejeuvenated on planet earth.  We’ll put together an agenda—a list of things that need to be rejuevenated here on planet earth.  Where do you want to start?  We’re not about coming here and taking control.  We’re about coming here and mentoring, not that many planets have listened to our mentoring . . .  And of course once they had our products and our advanced technology, well you shoulda, woulda, coulda done this and done that.  And we watch it.  Those first 100 years are a struggle and that’s ok because you’re fed, you’re medicated.  Imagine having 50,000,000 years of history belonging to the universal group.  That has learned how to be, how to know, how to think, how to purify, how to be enlightened, how to be kind, how to be generous.  And what not to do.  So much history of learning.  But of course you’re going to come in there, get our tools, and the very first thing that’s going to happen is that you’re going to teach us how to use our tools better because you’ve been using them a year.  So that’s what I have to say.  So no, we’re not going to do anything with earth.  Earthlings are going to do it.  And they’ll start a 100 year rejuevenation.  So earth isn’t going to be empty.  And of course 200,000,000-300,000,000 people are always the ones who think they should stay.  There’s going to be that quandary.  And then there are the people who say, “A new planet?  A couple extra hundred years added to my life?  Do I want to check it out?  I can go and grow strange plants and eat strange things I have never heard about.  I can go and make stick birdhouses and make more money at it n I could selling Mercedes because remember, the universal market is for hand-made items.  And any time a new race ascends, those items are the ones that are in vogue.  So your jewelry, your earthly, humanoid, hand-wrapped crystals by Yvonne—there will be competitive bidding and I’m not even going to tell you how many planets of sentient beings there are.  There will be a big market.

So everyone take a deep breath.  And we’re going to do the pyramids next time.
ZABE:  And the stair-steps for the idiots in your head.
INGE:  And more lines about the Shea, teta, furl,
FIRSTS:  Well Starr’s brain need to have it a little more organized before I can come back and put in that information.  Great, we’re out of here.  Good universe.  We are the firsts.

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