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Starr Channeling FIRSTS

NYC, April, 2007

     Good universe.  We are the Firsts.  In the galaxy and universe as it sets, we exist to coexist with another group called the Eternals.  And the Eternals don’t care.  The Eternals look upon the populations of the planets being uplifted, going to their 2012, and they say, “Oh, I hope they do a good job.”  And we Firsts—we come to you with signs and signals and stargates and vortexes, through channels by many names.  Their earth is their _________.  It’s good morning, good night, good afternoon—depending upon where you are.  I greet you from the universe.  Good universe.  As earth comes toward 2012 to join—not the galactic federation or the universal federation—we have a word that is incomprehensible, yet to be translated into your language—but kind of, sort of, maybe like ONE.  The Universal ONE.  Yet we all have our opinions.  We all have our ways of working.  So gather many people from earth and gather many sentient races, and two or three will be talking and speaking and backward and the rest will be average and better.  So when you hear the galactic beings that are speaking backward, do not lump all galactic sentient beings into that space.

You know, Starr is very interesting.  She has spaces and places in her brain where people don’t have information and then again she has some blank places where the rest of you do have information.

You study healing.  You study philosophy.  You study metaphysics.  You practice with your meditation and your prayers.  And you’re missing the point.  You’re missing the wisdom.  It is not how you heal your body of disease.  It is the cause of the disease.  It is not how you process information.  Let me tell you, Earthlings can process and process and process.  The master clue, the major piece of importance for 2012 is how much spirit/soul is in your body?  Are you 90% body and 10% spirit?  Do you think your light (life?) would work very well?  Right.  And you worry about the pimple on your face, the rash on your behind (we’re not going to use Starr’s word for that.)  And you worry about that when you’re 40% spirit and 60% body.  They talk about ascension.  They say that you’re going to take your body with you.  They say that you’re going to turn into light.  They say many things from many different perspectives.  And Earthlings can sure mess up the interpretation of a word.  An ascension is when you’re 100% spirit.  You’re 100% spirit, some of you with those old, cantankerous bodies.  Do you really want to take those along?

So the healing, the message tonight is about, percentage-wise, How much Spirit is in your body?  It is body and spirit together.  Obviously looking around the room, almost everyone has 100% of their body.  A few men have lost eight tenths of a percent for some weird Earthly ritual.  Some of you have lost some of the teeth in your mouth.  But mostly you are 100% body.  You strive to be well.  You strive to be vital.  But there are very few ascension teachings that teach you to come into your body fully.  Most humanoids leave their body every 8.2 seconds.  Spiritual humanoids leave their body less but when they’re gone, they’re gone longer.  The agreement, the congruency of spirit and body together is what the ascension is about.  It’s about the energy radiating through every one of your cells so that what you think—you want to talk to her—you will not need that phone, that gadget with the batteries and the evil waves.  You will want to be somewhere and you will be there.  As 2012 comes and the 90% of the brain is activated.  By the way, that runs the spirit when it’s totally in the body.  You guys are not dumb.  You are not using that other 90% of the brain because the mass 100th monkey number is not there yet.  You do not have enough people who are total spirits in their body.  It is amazing how spiritually you walk, talk, and act with 40% of your spirit dangling outside of your body.  In fact, we actually have a sit-com about Earthlings walking around with 50 or 60% of their spirit dangling outside of their body and talking about how much of a master they are.

The Firsts are here to give you information.  The Firsts want a good universe.  The Firsts want you to understand that your major purpose of being on Earth is to be 100% spirit in body, not to be 100% body.  You want to be wealthy?  Create a spiritual gym that teaches people to put their spirit in their body.  Not the gyms that teach people to sharpen there body—wait a minute—that’s ten years before we’re into that.

The Firsts want to talk to you about your manifestation.  The Firsts want to talk to you about two very important teachings tonight.  Gracefully and with a lot of gratitude we say thanks to Starr’s staff for copying our charts on January 27th when we first were here.  They copied Starr’s charts and gave Starr a copy to bring here to you.  We will make a lot more charts later.  We love charts.

If you are 90% body and 10% spirit, physically you will look like/seem like an athlete.  Armor.  Does anyone know what armor means?  Did you not have a lady named Barbara Brennan who showed a book with the armors in it called Hands of Light?  Who remembers this?  Your mental will be fixed.  Do these exercises and you’ll be fixed.  Your spirit will be numb. 

If you are 80% body and 20% spirit, you will manifest as a laborer.  I don’t care if you are washing dishes, digging dishes, or taking care of your mother.  You will be quiet emotionally.  You will be smooth—nothing matters.  You don’t have to think about a lot of things.  And you will be religious—religious in your daily habits, religious and born again, religious in your belief. 

If you are 70% body and 30% spirit, you will manifest service industry.  And I don’t mean being of service to Buddha.  I mean being a waitress or receptionist at a hotel desk.  You will be there to serve mankind.  Your emotional body will have the tendency to be a drama king or queen.  How many people have personally been drama kings or queens in their lives.  Your mental will be about ego and your spiritual life will be blasé.  Big deal, yeah.  I went to meditation the other night.  I don’t know what other people are talking about—I don’t get it.

If you are 60% in your body and 40% in spirit, you will be a blue-collar worker.  Your emotions will go up and down.  You will be aware of some things mentally—God that guy’s an asshole or oooh, she’s sexy.  You will be changeable with your spiritual.  Be _____ for a while, be Buddhist for a while, then change to something else.

If you’re fifty-fifty with body and spirit, there will be a white-collared worker.  You will do something.  You will be questioning.  Mentally you will have educated yourself.  That does not mean you have been to school.  And you will be spiritually improving.  (inaudible)

If you have 40% body and 60% spirit, you are self-employed.  You are emotionally educated.  Shame on you.  So many adults mentally, physically, spiritually in this room.  So many people who behave like emotional children.  How many people in this room behave like children?  How many emotionally behave like a teenager?

If you are 30% body and your spirit is at 70%, you are a practitioner.  What do you practice?  It doesn’t matter.  You practice meditation.  You practice yoga.  Are you a healer?  Are you a spiritual teacher?  Are you a painter?  You are a practitioner.  You take and shift light.  You are ripe.  Starr’s word—Aramaic.  We are kind of confused about ripe tomatoes here but she said her class would know what ripe meant.  You are disciplined and you are spiritually developed.

If you are 20% body and 80% spirit, you are a leader.  You are mature.  You are a professor or a teacher.  And basically you are a spiritual leader even though you do not want to be. 

If 90% of your spirit has come in and that other 10% is occupied by body, you are a transmuter.  Your emotions are defined.  Mentally you are superior.  It does not mean that you have a high IQ.  It means that you have wisdom.  And spiritually you are an avatar or a master.

In the next years to come, from Starr and from many of you, will come techniques, tips, tricks to bring more spirit into the body.  To notice how you be.  To notice what you say.  Is it that spirit’s soul talking or is that the ego?  Is that the lower self?  Is that the asshole in you talking?  Or the God in you showing?  These studies here on planet earth are fine and will get more advanced than in some schools of other planets.  Yet you refuse to talk about bringing your spirit to the 100% in your body.  Even as a master you give 90% spirit and your body will have that other 110%.  It is amazing that the little lizard beings no higher than two feet tall with ugly warts on them, with an IQ of your house can totally bring their spirit in 100%.  And the advanced light beings who no longer have a body are 200% light.  Your 2012 is not about California falling into the ocean as some say.  It is about the world as you know it ceasing to exist.  Spirits will be 100 to 8 ????? with the mass of earth to be totally in body.  That is ascension.  Where some more spirit comes in body.  It is not a teaching.  It is not a trick.  It is not an initiation.  It is something that happens not with???? but with intention.  With consciousness of the moment you lose, the light that you leak.  You walk into your room, your body is scratching your head and your spirit is on Arcturus, having fun with galactic beings.  I look around this room.  Take that cup of coffee or tea, raise it to your lips.  Look at that aura go.  The body totally in charge of your soul and your emotions. 

The greatest teachings in this year to come from you, from your friends, from other groups all over earth on this beautiful blue-green planet is about how to bring spirit, soul (maybe both of those words don’t suffice for the concept of a light being that we have galactically) fully into your body.  You do not open up your foot to change mouths.  You do not open up your mouth to change feet.  You are not inappropriate.  You do not lose moments of light, time, darkness.  You have no headaches, no hemorrhoids.

The Firsts come to groups like yours just before the ascension.  We talk to you.  We play with you.  We teach you.  But in your knowingness as human mankind, know that those who teach with fear can jump the spirit out of the body.  Those who scare you about the ascension purposely push the spirit out of the body.  Starr says a lot of things about being comfortable.  They’re mixed in one big ball in her brain and we want to push and select something on it.  Your bodies are so comfortable with your spirits always in your body.  She’s not really comfortable sitting in a big chair eating hand-fulls of Godiva chocolates like she does.  She means comfortable knowing the energies of who you are, knowing what life means to you.  Knowing what you need to do. 

You are knowing how to hide your shit.  Knowing how to hide your problems.  Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing?  Writing that letter—How are you, Mom?  Where are your intimate conversations, soul to soul, spirit to spirit?  There is grief in your eyes.  “I’m not going to say that—then I’ll have to listen to her for a half an hour.”  Body to body conversations, draining, jeopardizing your spirit.  Draining your battery.

You spiritually honest people, you spiritually ignorant people—what is being on earth?  It’s combining the body and spirit, combining the body and spirit, combining the body and spirit.  What do you do when you put the hands together and pray?  You combine the body and spirit, the right and the left.  What do you do?  You eat salt and pepper—body and spirit.  All around you, symbology.  Trinities.  Two together will raise you to the third.  Trinities.  Religion after religion has a trinity.  Earthlings (inaudible).  Spirit has many forms of sentient beings who have learned to keep their soul and their spirit fully in their body.  Yes, we have sentient beings who polluted their planet.  Yes, we had global war.  Yes, we had genocide.  Yes, we have had diseases worse than AIDS that have wiped out whole planets.  But it stops when that hundredth monkey being tucks their soul, their spirit 100% into their body and the whole planet, the global consciousness shifts.  At no point in galactic history has there been a war or mass killings after spirit is 100% in body.  It is no longer a choice.  It is no longer a way of being.  You do not create the pain that Starr has the perception of gifts.  You do not create the pain of hunger.  We feed the people.  We school the people.  We give _____ the energy all the year before we have diamond rings, before we have those shiny cars that I see.  Notice that you want world peace.  You want to feed the hungry.  You want to save your dolphins, whales, and mice.  But you’re not saving yourselves.  You talk and talk and talk—well I had this teacher, I had that teacher, and I did this and that and that—and your body is acting and acting and acting and pissing more light and pissing more light and pissing more light and this group is waiting to come in.

If you were more spirit, you would walk through a room.  Nothing would drop.  The lights would change for you in traffic.  All the way driving through it would be harmony.  When you start bumping yourself, know that more of your spirit has just left.  You are out of body, gone.  The biggest earth vacations are people who have been gone for years.  They have not been in their bodies for years.

---3  hrs

Earth vacations.  Most of them have taken a lot of them.  You’ve disconnected.  You get hurt and you lose jobs and you’re gone for a year.  I didn’t say goodbye to my mother.  I hated her and now she’s dead.  And you’re gone.  Your spirit is totally gone, playing that ball game with Arcturus.  (Inaudible)

So the new healing, the new piece of information that is big, powerful, potent is how do we get our spirits and souls (whatever the real word is for it) into our bodies 100%?  First step.  There are pieces of information, jigsaw puzzles in your brain, that to us sentient beings are obvious there and how could you not figure that out?  Oh, in my past life I was a dram queen.  In my past life I was a boogieboogieboo.  And you get hypnotized and you study your past lives.  Listen to me carefully.  There is a college of education you are missing.  Half of your incarnations were spirit guides.  Not only do you have to study your past lives; you have to study where and who you were spirit-guiding.  You think spirit guides come here for the fun of it?  It is part of the lesson to bringing 100% spirit to body.  If you are a rebel resistor and die, guess what—next lifetime as spirit guide a rebel and resistor (inaudible). 

You talk about endless past lives.  You have documentation.  In essence when you were spirit guides, your lessons were about the lessons of the spirit.  Why do you focus on past lives when you were bodies?  The lessons of why the spirit, why the soul (or whatever the new word that you guys will invent for it because it’s a combination holograph and ______).  Some of you think you were Jesus because you were right there and you burned that imprint.  You weren’t Jesus.  You imprinted your self with the light of that man.  Some of you think you were great chemists, physicists and yet you were only spirit guides.  You confuse your bodies with your spirit.  Now who is going to write that book about past lives as spirit guides?  You want a new trend?  It just started.  You want a new business that brings in tons of those new Benjis that Starr likes so well?  Give past-life spirit guide readings.  What do you need to know?  That as many past lives as you have had, you’ve been a spirit guide to match.  Do you see this hole in your spiritual education?  Starr, tell me, who I used to spirit guide?  What was my lesson in spirit guiding those people?  What did my spirit need to learn?  The questions as we sneak and peak through Starr’s body since the beginning of this year are really stupid.  The clients who are spiritually wise ask different questions.  When the ascension of 2012 comes, what is it going to mean to be 100% spirit in body?  The physical plane laws will cease to exist.  Oh yeah, gravity will keep you here on Earth.  But you don’t have to call anybody—you just think of them.  You don’t have to fly in an airplane—you teleport there.  You want water?  Wherever there’s a flood, the drought will get the extra rain.  Somebody has to keep spirit enough in body to ________ manifest instantly.  We’ve watched Starr.  We’ve watched people since January.  The people who can manifest just like that have more spirit in their body.  And then they say the same words and put on the same aura and the thing doesn’t manifest because the spirit is not 10% into their body.  Same thought, same state of consciousness, same chakras spinning in the right direction, same sacred geometry and yet the spirit was 10% or 20% out of the body.  “This new-age stuff doesn’t work.  Oh, I need to take more classes.  I’m not ready yet.”  You know there are actually sentient beings that have six arms that aren’t humanoid.  But I’ve never seen a four-armed one.

Some of you have been prepared.  Why am I healing this?  Why am I studying this?  I still don’t have any money.  I . . . I . . . complain, complain, whine, whine.  Your pregnancy, your ripeness, the depth of your connection to mankind when the masses are scared, you will ??? when that 2012 comes.  When the ascensions occur and everyone can have what they think, who cares?  Movie stars will be flying away as people think, “I want her, I want her.”  What will happen?  There will be clashing and back-lashing from ego.  Selfishness.  And only someone spiritually trained as you can understand the diverse principles.  There will be crying and huddling on the street and you will walk and touch them.  Tell them that all is well.  Show them.  Talk to them about the ascensions.  You look at the mayan calendar.  They had no words.  That’s why the calendar stopped.  For the concept of 100% spirit in body, there were no words.  It didn’t end because the earth is ending.  It ended because things of being of shape and form and energy—there were no Mayan words for.

Comforting someone who is sad.  How much richer will human life and senses be like when spirit is 100% in body?  That moment you saw that sunrise or sunset, as that sun was rising or setting that overwhelming energy whirled around your body for just one second.  That state of consciousness that raised in you was when a bunch more spirit was stuffed into you.  (inaudible)  How chocolate orgasmic—Starr would say this so I’m going to say it—how chocolate orgasmic would life be if all of us were in our body.

I’m not preaching to the choir.  I’m preaching to you who know that (inaudible).  Look at your life.  Look at your state of being.  How many things do you desire?  How many states of consciousness, of inner peace, serenity, wisdom do you desire that you don’t have and that will tell you how much of your spirit is stuck outside of your body.  Stop.  (inaudible)  You, my friends, are the pioneers that will (inaudible) They will write the book.  They will do the teaching.  They will have a profound understanding.  And this room will be the pioneers.  The first time Starr channeled, she had three or four people.  Know that in the wisdom, in the experimenting and experiencing what it is to bring back spirit-soul into your body, that the greatest of spiritual education will occur for mankind.  Starr has a drinking problem.  She raises up a glass of water to her lips and water flows here because she’s doing a grid or she’s doing something spiritual so water goes all over her chest and she laughs and calls it her drinking problem.  You guys have problems.  You girls have problems.  You’re walking around with spirits hanging out like socks.  Know that the more spirit—and that’s still not the right word and soul is not the right word and essence still is not the right word—something holographic mumbojumbo would be the right word.  You don’t heal fast when you’re at your less (best?) spirit.  How many people have had a bruise that would be there for weeks?  How many people have had a bruise that was there just two days?   Starr has had scars disappear and I have the experience in Starr’s memory when she was cut and the scar stayed there for a long time.  And if I look at Starr and I look at you, at your memories, when you were fullest, your photos came out the best, your poems came out the best, you made the best artwork, you painted the best, you felt the best when you were fullest of spirit.  Is it like a spring thing?  Is it like when you are sleeping you can stuff more in?  And for us, the thing that Starr did that probably resembles the process that we go through on our planet—a vase, she filled it with stones and she said, “Is this full?” and everybody said, “Yes.”  Then she filled it with gravel and she put more gravel and then she put sand and she asked the class, “Is this full?”  Then she poured more water in.  And every time that the class thought that that pitcher was full, Starr would put in something else to change the process and the brain said this is an old speaker’s trick.  And this is what happens with spirit.  We fill ourselves up with loving somebody unconditionally—and boy, do the humans and other sentient beings have conditions—one day we will fill ourselves up with compassion.  It’s another way.  I cannot give you the concepts and words because they are beyond the human language.  And that is why you are not uplifted.  You do not _____.  You do not meditate.  In this very country there is a law that anybody can choose their meditations.  You do not school your children.  I do not care how many minerals you have on your planet.  You are not rich until you take care of your sentient beings.  You treat your bodies the same way.  You go and tell war stories—my divorce was worse than your divorce.  My husband took the kids and the money.  Well my husband took the kids, the money, and the dog.  You tell war stories of how bad you’ve been wounded.  You complain about the Bush and yet you didn’t vote.  And you distract yourself over and over online about circumstance, the physical, the emotions, when you have one job.  When you step across the veil, you have a contract that is to plan a map.  And you know what us advanced beings say about plans.  One thing to do and be is through your movement through earth, through your light, through your adventure, your time on this planet is to learn to put more spirit into your body.  You talk about soul work and yet soul is only a record keeper of past lives and spirit guide past lives.  The akashic records contain both.  Ask, “What kind of spirit guide was I?  What did I not get that I had to come back as a spirit guide and suffer through it again?  How do I get my human to listen?  Because I never listened to my spirit guides.  And lifetime after lifetime you incarnate as energy.  Six, seven-hundred past lives mostly in this room.  Six, seven-hundred spirit guide past lives.  And yet you give this much only to now-time spirit guides.  When you spirit guide, you learned how not to be.  You learned about resistance and where not to give it.  You were the one poking and prodding and pulling and yelling the answers in someone’s ears while they picked their nose and watched tv with a six-pack of something and a bag of potato chips going, “I worked eight hours.  I need to veg.”  It is funny, amusing how distracted you humans can be.  It is amazing that someone with all the good books on the market that someone has not raised consciousness, that half the times you were on planet earth, you were a spirit guide. 

(break in tape)


Talk about distractions.  So the spirit learns more when it is prodding and pushing somebody else towards good, when it is sitting in your body.  Our teachings talk to us about this.  They don’t talk about becoming body and spirit whole.  You talk about holistic health and you’re talking about body, mind, and the spirit that is your personality.  You talk about the heart, you’re talking about the emotional part.  Emotions—they have emotions on other planets that would scare you.  You’d make horror movies out of them.  They’ve got emotions on other planets that you melt into a puddle of love and you never want to move again.  Your cells would become pure love and you’d be in utter bliss for hours and hours.  There is a strange energy moving now in this room.  It is like light bulbs coming on.  It is a deep-seated knowing that being in body is something more than just eating and sleeping and going to the bathroom and loving.  It is about the consciousness, the awareness, the “enlightenment” to bring that spirit-soul-essence into the body fully.  Look at your results.  That’s how much spirit you have in your body.  If only ten people listen to your poems and you’re so good, what would you be like if you had another 30% of spirit stuffed in your body?  Your poems would be tattooed on your homeboys’ butts.  That was not a Starr image.  The results—I want to and I want to and Starr wants to be a better teacher.  The more spirit Starr stuffs into her body, the more stuffed it is, she will be a better teacher.  The more civilizations, sentient beings that the Firsts touch—those Eternals with their judgements: well, I hope they pull themselves up by their bootstraps like they’re supposed to.  Oh look, they’re making mistakes—the Eternals don’t touch.  The law of no intervention.  I am stuffing—Starr is stuffing more soul, more spirit, more holographic whatever—we haven’t got the word—I’m raising your consciousness right now.  And understanding that this spirit/soul is not about health.  It’s not about vitality.  It’s not a lighten up or about love.  It’s about being . . . energy (magic?) . . . higher.  No ?, no ?, no emotions, no distractions, none.  (inaudible)  These bullshit percentages of 90% spirit and 110% body drop to where you are 140% spirit and you will become light beings.  There will be more light manifested energy.

Let’s go back to the chart.  We love charts.  We are going to start with the activation symbol.  If you are 90% body and 10% spirit, you are not in this room.  Your spirit guides came.  Maybe.  For you we are going to give the activation symbol for your 9o % body and 10% spirit body to jump to 80%-20%.  These symbols are sacred.  They must not be enhanced, colored in with shadows or silver ink behind them, put into poetry or poems.  They are to be used as is.  Nesha, you are trusted by Starr enough to copy them directly and then send them to her in e-mail so that she can send them out.  You who put them on paper will get an approximate energy.  You will come back into Starr’s body, correct them precisely, and print them.  We will have a section on Starr’s website.  We will have a page and the eternals will have a blank page.  The activation symbol is sad-face.  Starr called this sad-face.  An eye, an eye, a nose and a sad face.  To be called something else on other galaxies.  Notice that this is not linear and this is not liking to the Firsts.  But for the sloppy Starr draw-er, this is ok.  What is the symbol for someone who is 90% body and 10% spirit to move to 80-20?—Sad face.  Do you see that imagery?  Can you remember enough of it to draw it?  Good.

80-20 does not have those dots.  80-20 is V with a curve but notice that the point of the V sticks up.  Do you see this little-bitty booger thing right here?  Right there.  It’s not on the end.  Can you feel it?  Feel it in the room.  Who senses it in a place in their body?

The activation symbols.  Take these.  Copy them.  I don’t care what you tell your other fellow humans.  Copy them, make them look at these things.  Tell them it will turn frogs to princes.  Tell them it will make them win the lottery if they look at these symbols.  We are not beyond being funny.  70% body, 30% spirit to 60-40.  The symbol is S with a mark.  It looks like the letter of an angelic seal.  Notice that it is above the belly of the S but it s not quite in the middle.  Do you understand this symbol?  Look at this symbol.  Do not draw it sloppily on your papers.  You are not first graders.  (Starr needs chocolate).

The next symbol—60-40 is like a candy cane with a diagonal arm but it’s just the other side of this arch.  Starr is not as young as she used to be but she’s really young in a lot of ways.  You know what?  Starr refuses to teach any more class until she has chocolate.  But since you have paid I will motivate her to draw one more symbol while the chocolate which is so precious is locked behind closed doors. 

Sometimes being in someone else’s body, an earthlings is mmmmmm (she eats chocolate).  Oooooooh.  Our food is replicated on our planet.  This is real.  Mmmmmmm.  Do you think she’ll be mad that the whole box is gone?  Mmmmmmm.  Starr has a true appreciation for higher chocolates.  (Cars honk horns in background.)  What was that?  Oh, I thought it was an angel.

Activation symbol.  People.  Right here.  Become it.  Close your eyes and see it.  Feel it.  Make it on the end of your nose.  On your tongue and other erogenous zones. 

Why are you wearing Starr’s name on your shirt?  Oh, it’s missing an R.  Ok.  Little loop, big loop.  Little loop, big loop.  The loop turns in like a Christmas ornament.  The loop comes out like the end of a Christmas bulb.  Most difficult one to draw.  Draw left to right.

I can’t write this because then all of you will turn into light.  Four dots and then you make the last two.  Now get that you are looking at these symbols in flat land.  These are hyper-dimensional shapes that go through a minimum of 52 dimensions, a maximum of 144.  If you look at a circle, it is really a sphere.  If you look at a square, it is really a cube.  These are hyper-dimensional drawings.  So in other words, in many dimensions they change form and shapes but for earthlings this is the shape that you draw that will access this.
Now just like any other activation and seed, if it falls upon a rock and you do not do your spiritual work and you do not take care of your body appropriately, the activation will not work.  You can look at the activation and look at the activation.  You can write it, tie-dye it, finger paint it.  It will not work until your body and spirit are appropriately combined.  Do you know what to do?  Yes.  Some nutrition, some prayer, some of what everybody preaches is the only way.  There are different combinations for each of you.  Emotional clearing.  Mental clearing.  You might need one thing.  You might need something else.  You are a unique essence in this universe.

No matter how tall the being is or how short or how fat, you are unique in your essence and spirit.  A gazillion katrillion sentient beings—you don’t have a number large enough.  Do you really think you’re in the universe alone?  And each essence, human Arcturian, whatever in a body, no matter if you have a twin sister, twin soul, twin flame, no matter if you’re living in three different parallel universes at once, each essence is individual.  Each one of you must do your beingness, working this so your spirit-soul pulls back into your body.  No healing, no teacher, no anything from last year forward is going to make a big difference as you be who you need to be and pull in more spirit into your body.  That does not mean that you have ended your teachings.  That does not mean that you’ve ended your meditation.  It means you do all this and pull your spirit into your life. 

There are times you sit down with somebody who is together and they sit with you and they tell you about your akashic records.  You had a spirit guide life in Egypt where you worked with the guy who was in charge of moving all the rocks.  He wouldn’t listen to you.  He had to be right.  Men were killed.  You weren’t a human being.  But then you were a human being in another lifetime and you built something else and no one was killed.  Work with spirit guide past lives.  You were male and female almost equally.  You were body and spirit guide almost equally.  Study this.  Learn the lessons.  If you were an asshole this life, you will come back and will have to spirit guide an even bigger asshole.  It’s not a lot of fun.  And you talk about patience, discipline, serenity, inner peace.  You as a spirit guide must maintain when your humanoid is pulling their hair out, crying tears, and snot is running down the face over some drama king or queen episode.  When they time after time after time buy into another distraction.  They distract, bleed their light away, not putting in spirit.  You think it is difficult.  You think it is hard and painful to live in body.  What does it feel like when your energy is shattered as a spirit guide?  You told someone not to go out that day and they were killed in a car accident.  You told them not to say it and they lost their best friend for life.  The energy takes many forms as a spirit guide.  And you can pick yourself up and put yourself together.  There is no emotional body but the record keeping goes right into the akashic records.  Your soul keeps track of all your past lives and all your guides. 

What a wealth of information.  If there was just one tenth of the books written on your lives as a spirit guide as there were on past lives.  What a wealth of information we all hold in our essence.  It’s spirit moving matter.  It’s spirit attempting to have their person stick more of their spirit into their body.  How could you avoid this so well?  How could you ask about now-time spirit guides—gee whiz, I’ve lived 672 lifetimes and I had four spirit guides every lifetime.  Four times six-hundred and something is twenty-five-hundred and something.  Where do all the damn spirit guides come from?  It’s you.  Half of your lifetimes, half of your existence here on planet earth, you were a spirit guide.  Pay attention.  Spirit guides don’t embroider, don’t embellish, don’t talk about their wardrobe.  Well I was the king of Egypt and you should have seen my golden shoes and I had blue paint coming out of my eyes and I had this asp . . .  When you ask about somebody’s past life, where do they go?—right straight to the material plane.  And this person said this to me and I felt so bad about ruling this country, making those men fight for me and lose their country. 

What is your spirit going to say?  They’re patient.  Patience, patience over and over again.  Patience in my energy.  Patience in the energy of my human.  I knew that I needed to be patience just to instill a fraction of patience into my human.  I knew that I needed calmness.  I needed to be truth because the human would bullshit from top to bottom.  What sentences that will go down in your human history will come from the spirit guide.  The talk of energy, the force, the source, the light, the dark, shadow.  Who gives a shit what color eye-shadow you were wearing.  Listen to some of these past-life stories.  Read some of these past-life books.  Oh, my third eye!  Who gives a shit?  Where’s the wisdom?  How do I stuff more of my spirit in my body, people?  Not your past lives.  You know how to have a body.  You know how to feed it, over-feed it, over-sleep it, undersleep-it, over-worry it, drug it, fill it full of pain.  You know how to use the body part.  Where’s the manual?  Who is going to write the manual of sticking spirit in body?  Who’s going to write the book? 
     There you go.  Topic number one.  What people don’t realize is that spirit guides came from somewhere.  You usually have four.  We are the spirit guides to other people half our lifetimes.  We were light.  Conscious light.  Luminous consciousness guiding earthbearing, boring humans.  You want to learn how to stick light-spirit-soul-holographic-word-that-isn’t-a-word-yet, study you spirit guide lives.

We are the Firsts.  We are open for questions.  I’ll give you a chocolate if you ask us a question.

STUDENT:  As a First were you always a First or did you evolve?

FIRSTS:  Oh, we were the first human being with bodies and ____ that did not ________ and _____ to raise up to a consciousness where thought was materialized, where there was full light in full body.  We were not the first that were here.  Unfortunately the Eternals always have been.  Nobody remembers when they weren’t, God bless them.

STUDENT:  Are you here to help because consciously you were asked by spirit (inaudible)?

FIRSTS:  No.  Starr went up into the séances with me and prayed.  Prayed with her lineage, prayed with her students.  She read the ______ about 2012.  She prayed for a way and a source to give people appropriate, correct, and then funny information to help through the shift and change because man needed us and then lightneing strikes.

JAMES:  Are there any things we can do to put more spirit into our bodies?

FIRST:  Change that sentence.


FIRSTS:  Starr would have whooped you on that one.  Be kind.  Be aware.  Be truthful.  Be present.  Be quiet.  (Inaudible) You have done so much this lifetime.  (inaudible)

STUDENT:  What to we do with the symbols?

FIRSTS:  It is not that we care how.  Post them, share them.  Give me a hundred dollars and I’ll give you your symbol.  Give me your chewed-up chewing gum and I’ll give you your symbol.  It is not important how (inaudible).  A long, long time ago, when earth was jumping, some other beings came and they gave similar symbols called runes.  And people told fortunes with them.  People chose them to see how the day would go.  Other beings came and did the Chinese one—the symbols that they called I-Ching that they could read that would activate where human beings needed to be activated then.  Make a playing card deck out of this.  Make this into a divinatory tool.  Face-paint it on your children.  Let the symbols, let the activations (inaudible). 
     Most of you are going to be a thousand percent more light than this.  Look at this—they’re flabby.  And look at these.  They’re old and they hang.  I hate to think what they look like.  Do you really want to take this with you?  Become the light.  Keep your knowledge, your wisdom.

STUDENT:  (inaudible)

FIRST:  Every time you think the word “pain,” God gives you more pain.  I teach you to say, “Oh my healingful . . .”  Thank you, God, for this lesson of my body teaching me how not to be.  You can think your pains away so fast that mass healing will occur.  You’ve seen the shamans do it.  You’ve done it on occasion.  Those moments when you think you’re feeling a healingful thing and that teacher just downloaded as Starr would say something else into you waiting for you to be more light, stuffing it into your body.
Yes, most people are in pain because they resist being in their bodies.  How many of you have said, “I don’t want to be here?”  In that moment you were sending light to 198% body.  What you resist persists and when you say, “I don’t want to be here,” you become much more body than you are the light.  “I want another planet. I hate planet earth.”  You’re here.  Show your light.

STUDENT:  May beings on this planet visualize, for example, hostages being released? When we are more spirit in body, it is appropriate to visualize the planet going toward peace?

FIRSTS:  Yes.  You will write a book and it will be called, “Save your own ass first.”  Why are you praying for hostages to be released when you are only 60% spirit and 40% body?  When you BE 70-30, there will be less hostage situations.  You will pray after the fact that something be undone.  It is not easier on planet earth to undo things.  It is easier not to let them happen.  Save your own ass first before you save the whales, before you pray for hostages, pray for that extra 10% of light.  It is easier to not let things happen on planet earth than it is to undo them once they manifest.  Do you understand this?  It is easier for you to look up when you are crossing the street than to be fixed after you didn’t look and got run over.  Got it?  The rule is, save your own ass first.  Quit praying for world peace.  Pray for your own peace.

STUDENT:  (inaudible)

FIRSTS:  Don’t do that or the boogy-man will get you.  How do we teach our children?  We teach our children to fear.  I’ll whoop you if you do that again.  We feel guided.  We feel structured.  We feel that because we have taught the children on this planet with fear.  Shut up or I’ll pull your ear.  You’re going to go to bed.  You’re going to sit in this corner.  We go back to the place where we are unstable.  When our world is teeter-tottering, swaying, we go back to the place where we found security as a child.  And when mother or father, uncle or aunt, brother or sister gave us instructions, those were mostly earthly instructions of fear.  Do you understand that the moment somebody yelled at you and said that the boogy-man was going to get you, you had instructions from a source (mother or father) and  what did we feel when we had these instructions?   Fear.  The more you come back into your body, the more the hundredth monkey appears on earth, the quicker the change.  There won’t be children raised in fear and there won’t be hostages.  Do not pray to undo things.  Pray that things not happen.  And save your own ass.  This is a great planet of rescuers, of well-doers, persecutors, and victims.  It is a planet that has known those energies well.

STUDENT:  I’m wondering why I feel this amazing sense of ease and well-being almost as if I had come out of (inaudible).

FIRSTS:  (inaudible)  I know that I have starved this lifetime, as Starr’s body.  And I know that when she saw that baker putting out the trash, she knew there was bread in there and her hunger stopped.  When you get money in your pocket even though your bills aren’t paid, there is a feeling of release.  When the Firsts and other higher beings have come into planet earth, there will be that peace we know that you will listen.  The Firsts know that you will listen.  That’s why you feel this.  These other people may not but you feel this.  You have a very interesting matrix (inaudible).

STUDENT:  Can you suggest a way for us to learn about our past lives as spirit guides?

FIRSTS:  First of all, don’t be drama lovers.  That’s stupid.  Don’t imagine, fantasize, glorify, mesmerize yourself with your own glory.  The piece that we miss is that all the lifetimes that we are spirit guides are as important as the lives that you are humans.  You need to document, you need to re-remember your lives as spirit guides.

STUDENT:  Can you give us a technique?

FIRSTS:  You’re the teacher.  Go stand in the back of the room with some of the other teachers and figure it out.  You’re the teacher.  Figure it out.  Your past lives as a spirit guide will come to you with such amazing information that you will wonder how you could have missed it.

STUDENT:  How do we put more spirit in our bodies?

FIRSTS:  That is the ascension of the planet question.  That is where the FIRSTS can’t take that experience from you.  You’ve got a little bit of information on the percentages.  You’ve go your activation symbols.

(Break in tape)

Well most people in this room are hoping that the FIRSTS will get assassinated but that’s not going to happen.  Yes, I do.  The akashic records will tell you over and over again many things that will happen on the planet earth.  But this is not a carnival.  This is not a circus.  I’m not here to demonstrate.  So no, I am not going to tell you what is going to happen on the planet earth.  I will not give you personal readings.  I will not tell you the lottery numbers.  I will not tell you which girl will be yours.  This is not about incidents and events on planet earth.  This is not about the real estate market.  This is not about the stock market.  This is not about those things.  This is about you preventing things negative, inappropriate, malicious, viscious, bitchy things from happening by bringing your spirit into your body.  This is not a fortune telling.  But by the way, theres a bunch in line waiting to charge you all for a reading.

STUDENT:  Why do you have (inaudible)?

FIRSTS:  The chart that we didn’t get to but Starr’s body won’t hold out to you is: if you’re 90% body and 10% spirit, this is your struggle.  I feel that that is not appropriate now although Starr felt to write this on the board before she channeled.  That’s ok.  The past guide lives is something that you need to think and feel and know.  If you were 90% body and 10% spirit in a past life, what kind of spirit guide were you?  Numb, not there.  Hey, I was just going to say that.  I told you so last lifetime.  The Firsts were going to go through that but they didn’t consider that so important.  Try to consider that there were unwritten keys and that your unwritten keys in this chart, in this graph—and that key words and key downloads when Starr’s body read this with me speaking, it was important.  We do have a pie chart that we like a lot that we have not yet shared with planet earth and we have six ____ that we would like to view when Starr channels the Firsts in Florida.  So they will be up and coming and you will be able to access them through Zabe’ for a dollar each, standard minimum donation.

STUDENT:  (inaudible).

FIRSTS:  Sometimes, and sometimes they stop.  It matters whether the emotional body is, it matters how much spirit is in your body.   If there is enough spirit in your body and you’re feeling bad, then I am the light and bam, your nipples will be hard.  But if you’re more body than light and you say an affirmation, “I feel good now, I feel good now,” it doesn’t work.  An affirmation is an energy.  If you run it through your body, nothing much happens.  If you run it through your spirit, then many things happen.  Match it with an action step and you will have a new ______. 

STUDENT:  (inaudible).

FIRSTS:  Leave him alone.  Everyone came on this planet to experience things.  You guys are going to overhelp your children.  If a child is going to be a 90-10, let that hundredth monkey go and change him.  You can’t undo what he is.  But you can definitely put more spirit in your body and more light in your body.  Shine that as an example for him.  Save your ass first.  Starr loves that saying.

STUDENT:  Can you define the hundredth monkey, what that means?

FIRSTS:  Starr’s memory is this:  in Asia on separate islands, they had a group of different scientists study monkeys.  And they kept a journal every day.  One of the scientists took a papaya or mango that was really sandy and took one of the monkey children down to the ocean and washed the mango off.  And the monkey ate it without getting sand caught between its teeth.  That monkey taught its mother.  The mother taught one of the older children.  One of the older children taught some other monkeys.  When the hundredth monkey learned it, on all of the islands, every monkey that picked up a papaya took it to the ocean and washed the sand off of it.  It became a known fact in monkey consciousness that this is a thing to do or be.  So when we’re talking about hundredth monkey earth, we’re talking about the mass of people who put more light into their body and are more spirit than they are body.  So that is what Starr and the Firsts mean when we talk about the hundredth monkey.

Take a deep breath.  Your bodies have asked some questions.  Now let your light, let your soul, let your spirit, that thing that we don’t have a word for here on earth ask the Firsts some questions. 

STUDENT:  Some Eternals are coming tonight.

FIRSTS:  Stop (inaudible).  Eternals do not intervene.  Eternals sit back and wait for that sentient race to raise itself.  The Firsts will give you hints, a negation, tips, and rules.  We do not (inaudible).

STUDENT:  How do we learn to go?

FIRSTS:  You learn to sit down on the toilet . . .  How can you learn to go when you are 60% body and 40% light?  You can’t even go or do anything until you’re 110% spirit and 90% body.  You can’t even move a little bit.  A kindergartener asks, “How can I drive a car?”  I’m not going to tell that to you.  It’s beyond what your race, your being can handle.  I’m not going to tell you.  It won’t make sense to you.  No.

STUDENT:  The phrase that I have been getting which I believe is the phrase in our language you have sought after is quintessential beingness which is the blending of the spirit and the soul creating an entirely different structure.

FIRSTS:  It is almost enough on earth but in the hyper-dimensions it is not enough.  Close but no cigar.

STUDENT:  What’s Vahanavy?

FIRSTS:  Probably the nickname of a race for it’s own race—like you guys call yourselves the earthlings but we call you something else.

STUDENT:  How in addition to saving our own ass can we also help others?

FIRSTS:  You are so far away from saving your own ass and yet you’re asking me how to save others.  I would say to you by being the light that you are.  Staying in your truth, being kind, being compassionate, being unconditional, staying in your truth, staying in your truth.  Being connected to earth and being connected to Source.  And remember that most of our teachings have been about fixing the body, not fixing the light.  Most of what you respect is humanoid history, not the history of spirit guiding humans and mankind along (inaudible).  You honor bodies more than you honor the light.  Your shift is coming.  With 2012 you have to be more light, more holographic essence, more soul (but that’s not the right word) in you than body.  You have to be at least 110% spirit.  I don’t know.  Earth words are short, they’re limited, they’re frustrating me.  They’re  frustrating Starr.

STUDENT:  You mentioned several times the 110% spirit.  Is there a symbol for that?

FIRSTS:  Not until next year.

JAMES:  Why do we have to suffer abuse before we can become spirit?

FIRSTS:  To understand that what was done to the body was not done to the light.  Starr’s body knows this one well.  Your body may know it well.  When you become light, when the light becomes more important than what is the safety of the body, when spreading the light and disseminating the light becomes more important (inaudible).

STUDENT:  So to save our own ass we have to have at least 110% spirit or more.
FIRSTS:  We the Firsts would be very happy if, by the end of the year, you were a 70-30.  Then 2012 would come along appropriately.  70% spirit and your body at 30%, not necessarily your energy but your beingness.  Take a deep breath.  In this room are two people who will channel the FIRSTS besides Starr.  (inaudible)  I, the Firsts, cannot sit back while a nation, a planet, an ascending race struggles through their ascension process to becoming the light.  I cannot sit back while a child struggles to tie his shoe.  We will be here for you.  More and more people will channel the Firsts.  Sometimes they won’t use that name.  Sometimes their ego or that part of the brain will make it another name.  Listen for two things.  Listen for when you are more spirit—into the body.  Listen for that focus.  And listen for that half of your existence which you ignore—that time as a spirit guide when you were pure light, pure energy guiding a being.  When you can bring how good you were as a spirit guide to how good you were as a person being together, you ____.  It is all one big package.  It is not separate.  The experience in earth school can bring the two together.  The universal experience of all schools is bringing the light and the body together so that there is more light than body so that (inaudible).

STUDENT:  What is the Firsts’s and the Eternals’s difference in their concept of God?  Is there a difference?

FIRSTS:  You mean God is separate?


FIRSTS:  Just one more piece of chocolate before Starr gets back.  Mmmmmm.

STARR:   OK, what did you learn?  James, I’ll pay you to tell me what I said when the rest aren’t here.  I will be reading this when the tapes are typed up.

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