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The Firsts
First Channeling

Jan, 26th, 2007-01-27 17:59:50

Good universe, we are the FIRSTS,
today we speak of healing as a matter of energy and matter – as an energy of matter.
For you to challenge, to change, to stimulate, to ignite matter or energy is but a mote point.

Universal healing, real healing, is done in the alchemical combination of spirit and matter. In your resistance, in your earthly separation of spirit and matter, it is where disease comes into creation. It is where world wars happened.

We of the FIRST – have gone through this in galaxies before you. We of the first, used to have this in our own precious DNA.

All of us seek to uplift the earth. The earth will be uplifted:
1) when all the persons on earth have food
2) when all souls have equal access to medical care on planet earth.

As you go forth into the 2012 energies – for some of them are here now – you will understand, you will learn, you will come to know, that it is not what the matter is, it is not what the energy is, it is a unique specific mixture of energy and matter for each one of you lights in this room, each one of you souls in this room and each humanoid or alien that you put your hands on.

You call yourself holistic healers, and you look at the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual, forgetting that spirit is in body and it is in this intimate relationship that pure unconditional love occurs in an appropriate combination.

And it is this relationship that sickness, disease, war, what you may term as evil – Starr says is unripeness –
Up here, in knowing what we know, in preparing you for what is yet to be, the first have determined that this be the FIRST first – Starr finds that very amusing – the FIRST first in consciousness of this planet, but as we move to 2012 it is not going to be as as potent what the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body is doing or being, as it is the appropriate individual mixture of spirit and earth in each of the beings.

As you begin to feed your planet and heal your planet, souls will speak differently now, bodies will speak differently now, the 90 % use of your brain will speak in miracles, earth as you know it, will cease to exist.
Thank you, Starr, for having such a flexible brain.

The FIRST want you to experiment in your own minds and with your own clients, with your own teachers and healees.
The FIRST want you to experiment in your own minds with your teachers, with your healees, with yourself.
The FIRST want you to experiment with your healees, your teachers, yourself.
The FIRST want you to experiment with your healees, your teachers, yourselves.
The FIRST want you to experience your experiments, with your teachers, your healers and yourselves.
The FIRST want you to experiment your experiences, experience your experiments with your teachers, your healers and yourself.
The FIRST want you to experience experiments experiencing the experiments of your future of your healers and of yourselves.
The FIRST want you to experience yourself as spirit in body… fssssssss

Your teachers are people who are experiencing themselves first.
Your experience of yourself – “good – the mechanical difficulties have stopped interfering with our heads” – AHH – as you observe, as you sense the patients, the humanoids that walk in front of you.
As you co-create with earth and spirit and changing and shifting what is disease into ease. You will notice the subtle shifts of percentage of body and percentage of spirit, even though combinations can range from 99.01 to 0.01. Each humanoid and alien on your planet will have a unique appropriate combination of spirit and earth.

Moments ago Starr talked to you about the unconsciousness of some people who are end up more of the energy of earth and less of spirit.
They are moved by 5 or 10 % spirit to say things, do things, and put things in a certain way. Where consciously, unconsciously, even if you hypnotized them – they would not give you a reason.
In the healing after 2012 it will be in the maintaining of a precise unique composition of spirit and earth with each soul that will maintain the vitality, the health and most importantly the mind over matter that is to come with the 90 % use of the brain.
In some ways the five of you are very special to be here to hear the first FIRST. The FIRST need from you observation, written material on how spirit and body combine to create ease, laughter, gentleness, how inappropriate combinations of spirit and body create struggle, drama, disease, limitation on planet earth.
We of the FIRST are the first to encourage most planets to uplift themselves to universal and galactic status. We of the FIRST wait eagerly to watch the planet earth wholly come through the 2012 transformation. We of the earth honor the light workers who in calling them lightworkers honor spirit yet forget earth. That we suppose that the worker part is the body part.
For each of you today it is essential – of the utmost importance – for you to observe earth with all 12 of your chakras and all of your subtle bodies how combinations of spirit and body are vital or diseased, creates struggle and friction in life, creates contraction or expansion or flow of life. In your learnings up till now you have become holistic with body, mind, spirit, mental, emotional, physical from this point forward – really not from this point forward – but from dec, 24th, of last year forward. The time has come for the uniqueness of each soul to have appropriate measure of spirit in body to create light, appropriateness and to have healing and health in their body.
Any questions on that?

Starr’s channeling Jan, 27th, 2007-01-27 16:53:56

The FIRST want you to document combinations of spirit.
It is ok, there is a lot of weird energy in this room right now.
They are here, it is hard to do numbers.
You two need to sit over there because the energy’s gona come where the board is.

The FIRSTs are here. Today is an extension of one of many extensions for the education of mankind. For the 2012 upcoming use of 90 % of the brain.
The FIRSTs speak to you today of body and spirit combination.
Now in time we are a rich part which goes a 100 and 1 % - 99, 199 and 1 %.
Today we’re going to give you the general description of what it is.

B = body S = spirit

B S physical emotional mental spiritual
90 10 athlete armored fixed numb
80 20 laborer quiet smooth religious
70 30 service industry high frequency, drama king or queen ego blasè
60 40 blue collar worker mercuria aware changeable
50 50 white collar worker questioning educated improving
40 60 self employed educated improving thirsty
30 70 practitioner ripe disciplined developed
20 80 leader mature professor teacher leader
10 90 transmuter refined superior avatar master

B S physical disease
90 10 athlete muscular disease



80 20 laborer endocrine disease
70 30 service industry cancers
60 40 blue color worker respiratory disease
50 50 white color worker skeletal disease
40 60 self employed heart disease
30 70 practitioner digestive disease
20 80 leader nervous disease
10 90 transmuter reproductive disease

4 more areas: karmic, astral, elestial, dharmic.
((NOTE: Two other sets of four won’t be given till 2012)).

This is all for now.
Okay you got a list of words that are going to have to be defined accurately. Does anything make sense to you? Does it make sense?

Starr explained: Organs will be brought in later at different levels. Parts of your life you can be a little bit different combination but if you are 90-10 you’ll probably never going to be to 70-30 you might go to 88-12.
You probably going to stay most of your life unless you had things – one of these things would be a walk in experience, your wake up call, a car accident, where you are not the same, the death of your whole family – different things like that where you would need an event to shake you up to move you your percentages around more than 10 % in your lifetime.

Now, if you look at your life, you maybe at 80-20 – you were a laborer you dug ditches for 20 years and than you stopped basically whittled clocks for the rest of your life. It may change for you, mostly at 80-20 you are ….what?

…emotionally quiet and maybe your son gets shot by the police and for 2 years you may have that period of time where you are not quiet.
…mentally what is it at 80-20 – smooth? So you want harmony you don’t like loud music or you want that music all the time – it continues what it is

and at different parts of your life the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy will …at different parts of your life will be what is being handled by the body and spirit together, e.g. my life with my parents there was a lot of physical stuff going on, the sexual abuse of the Starling, the teen years, I did a lot of emotional hiding – the mental years – every year was a mental year, I was an A+ student – and spiritually – I always worked on that whether I recognized it or not – there were points in my life, where I was more emotional, mental or spiritual. Right now with my doggies death I’ve been more emotional and it is worrying in me but it is not necessarily present to you, people.

So, as your life moves on, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual there are 4 more areas and they are: karmic, astral, elestial, and dharmic.
In the period before at the 4th month that we lived in this church, every night I would come in here with a small flashlight and I would read to the spirit guides and angels and I was working on that elestial plane. They would sit here with peoples spirit guides, the dome would be dark except for the lights of the cars going by at nights and I had a flashlight and I would read them my material, while the teacher of the spirit guides and angels would tell them why people thought this way. Not for them to think like humanoids but this is how humans learn about spirituality and you are going to find these thoughts. I thought I was fu…ng nuts – I come here, read one of my classes, no lights allowed, read the class, the teachers hand out – read the hand out and it would be full.
We have pictures – Art and I have a picture at Casa Alma of every seat in this church being full. …
((Channeling goes on…)) I understand that there are 2 other sets of 4, but we earthlings are not smart enough to even begin to understand what they are, so they will not be given to us till after 2012. Two other sets of four on the percentages.
On planet earth you have something else called salt and pepper.
For each one of you your personality may like more salt, may like pepper, may like pepper on something, salt on other things or a mixture of both. Please understand, that your personality may or may not like the spirit-body-combination you came in with – may dislike it, my choose to shift it, improve it, may choose to be victimized and decrease it … decrease those percentages.
But if you take a spiritual teacher and put them in the slums of India, if you take a 10-90 and put them in the slums of India, they would turn in another Mother Theresa.
If you would take a 90-10 and put them in the slums of India, they would starve to death.
So essence is, what we are speaking of. Essence is your capacity to thirve and survive…
Essence is your capacity to give up.


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