Soul Organs

1.  SHEA:    The sorting energy that sorts what you are conscious of. Like when you drive down the street, three people going by, and your eyes will follow one person.
--- sorts the downloads; sorts for you where your attention – conscious, subconscious, unconscious attention is placed.
Yet un-measurable to mankind – will be measurable soon.
SHEA-Quality: directly related to your open-mindedness and your willingness to learn.
Soul Organs in SHEA:
left shoulder, left upper lung, left half of thymus, left lower thyroid.

Description of SHEA:  Boundary maker.  Boundary breaker.  Seeks the rhythms.  Rebels against the rhythms.  Prepares for the unexpected.  Prepares for the gifts.  Sponge of intention.  Seeker of the weird, strange, or abnormal.  Attached to earth consciousness.  Drinker of education.  Out of the box and into the sphere.


2.  FARL:     The energetic field directly related to your intention – and your discipline.
Intention and discipline live in a space. You know the saying, “spirit never gives you more than you can handle.” This makes a vortex where source and spirit check, if your discipline and intention match, and bring in … new relationships, wake up calls, an “aha”, a new insight, an epiphany.
The field description would be “sharp”. The “bigger” the discipline and more “honed” intention … there will be more sharpness to create with this particular un-measurable field above your head.
Soul Organs in FARL:
right shoulder, right upper lung, right half of thymus, right lower thyroid.

Description of FARL:  Preparer of path.  Collecting the actions.  Aligning the steps.  Sorting the puzzle.  The ability to respond.  Profound higher-self and lower-self relationship.  Lower-self alignment with the highest good.  Goal getter and gold getter.  In the right place at the right time.


3.  MURA:     is about community – about inclusion. Mura makes the decision whether you talk to a stranger, and what you have for dinner (makes you decide between a Cobb salad and a chicken salad). Mura is the filter of physical experiences that match your soul goals.
Soul Organs in MURA:
left upper arm, left lower lung, heart.

Description of MURA:  Active intuition.  Unconscious alignment.  Subconscious knowing.  Evolved participation.  Unquestionable actions.  Ultra choices.  Holographic inclusion.  Universal acceptance.


4.  ECK:  The ECK is the energetic field-substance that chooses when experience and learning become wisdom. It’s a particular recipe for experience and learning to create wisdom. Some of us can cook… - ((YEAH…“and some of us can make reservations”))). It will be described in words and measured in richness. We are going to understand this when we understand what is described in words, like in “the color of a rose petal.”
Soul Organs in ECK:
the inner side of right upper arm, right lower lung, a very small right section of the heart.

Description of ECK:  Weaver.  Braider.  Integrator.  Transformer.  Metamorphic.  Integrated birthright.  Full expression.  Light senses.  Multi-simultaneous discoveries.  Intrinsic appreciation.


5.  FIP:   It is about synchronicity – spontaneity … “how the heck did this happen.” “where did this T-shirt come from?” It is the realm where the angels and spirit guides stir – to meet people – there are no accidents why you meet people.
This is the place where the book falls form the shelf and hits you on the foot while you are in the store to get you to buy it. This is where you get seated at the airplane next to another person and become friends.
This realm is very much connected to time, very much connected to the net of human consciousness.  This place will be energetically measured by quantum strings, by energetic strings that reach out, pulling people, events, things, flavors closer or farther away from us.
Soul Organs in FIP:           the outside of right upper arm.

Description of FIP:  Macrocosm mysteries, chronological glue (timing glue).  Now-sight (vs. foresight or hindsight).  Psychic 2x4.  Conscious thumping.  Physical rug-pulling.  The angel’s aha.  Superb spirit guide results.


6.  PARA:    it is the place where it is decided, how much veil/resistance/substance there is between you and:
--- universal consciousness
--- night school
--- your psychic abilities
--- your sprit guides
--- other humans
--- yourself – your inner self and your outer self
--- your knowingness …and yadah-yadah-yadah.
Soul Organs in PARA:       left elbow (outside and inside), left upper half of spleen,
left half of liver, left upper section of pancreas, bottom part of left lung.

Description of PARA:  Subconscious/unconscious playground.  Subconscious’ office.  Unconscious’ home.  Clarity through self-knowledge.  Advancement through spiritual work.  Love of the mysteries.  Seeker of solutions.  Knit-picker of information.  Absence of absence.  Acceptance of the whole enchilada (big picture).


7.  QUA: the inventor’s space – the favorite guy who hung out there was Einstein.
It is about what has not yet arrived on earth – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically – that is in the space of QUA. Some inventors, some authors, some physicists and mathematicians have access. It is about matching and blending un-similars – like in the 70ties you found the Italian restaurant, the French restaurant, the Mexican restaurant … in the 80ies you started to find combining restaurants like a Mexican-Indonesian restaurant.
Soul Organs in QUA: right elbow (outside and inside), the right big section of the liver, bottom part of right lung, right section of the pancreas head.

Description of QUA:  Harvester of ET’s akashic records.  Combiner of the uncombinable.  Twister of the known.  Putting the inside on the outside and the outside on the inside.  Players of the unique.  Members of the outside-the-box club.


8.  TETA:    it is the clock and the purse of karma. Is it time for you?
--- to pay karma back
--- to purchase karma
TETA is, what decides, whether it’s time:
--- to invoke, activate karma or whether it’s time to hold it back
--- to give it to you in a big dose (like a car accident)
--- or in a small dose (like stub your toe, cut your knee).
Soul Organs in TETA:       left outside of forearm.

Description of TETA:  Funnel of the eternal.  Anchor of the cosmic.  Squeezer of karma.  Manifestor of the unlikely.  Mover of furniture.  God’s timing.  Interrupter of the plans of mice and men.  Shedder of the old skin.


9.  GAR: is a “larger” place – where you got to the astral plane (please understand, when you ascend, you’re going to have 144 planes on the astral plane).
When Starr teaches you: “Travel through the center of the sun, go to other planets to learn… visit their astral planes.” Access to higher planes and levels: you can go to the Pleiades, you can go to Arcturus, you can go to planets that aren’t even mentioned.
The closest thing to GAR is Night school …
It is not the Akashic Records (things haven’t happened yet). On the astral plane you have seven to eight different outcomes. GAR is bigger, connects us with all of the beings of the galactic universal consciousness.
Soul Organs in GAR:         left inside of forearm, left hip, left lower half of spleen,
left lower section of pancreas, left kidney, women: left ovary and left half of uterus – men: left testicle.

Description of GAR:  Whispers of something greater than.  Hints of an undefinable archetype.  Refinement of subtle bodies.  Shaper of the ketheric.  Pursuer of dreams.  Seeds of God-like energies.  Unmeasurable energies.


10.  FUTH:  (((there are not words with this. It is like to explain cold to people from Africa who live where there is no cold. There is no existing concept to understand … ice??? snow??? )) It is un-definable in earthly terms.
Soul Organs in FUTH:       right forearm, right hip, right bottom part of liver,
right lower section of pancreas, right kidney,
women: left ovary and left half of uterus – men: left testicle.

Description of FUTH:  Sequence of life from Starr’s dream.  It performs the same function on other planets as the Fibronacci spiral performs here.  It is the basis for the structure of life here and elsewhere in the universe.  Different sequences than on Earth.


11.  EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS:         keeps you sealed to your own tasks here… and as whole is emanating out to other consciousnesses. It is the container and it is also the radio station of what is going on — the pain, the love, the hurt, the bullshit on planet earth. 
Soul Organs in EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS:       right and left hand, right and left upper leg, right and left knee, right and left lower leg, right and left foot.

Description of EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS:  Your ability to ?????.  The subconscious and unconscious connections to all life-force on this planet.  The drive to prepare yourself for ascension.  The knowingness that there is something much more than existence.  The need to test the physical and the need to absorb the spiritual.

Interesting: Please note that the human brain is not part of any of the 11 pieces of consciousness! J Makes it very attractive “to get out of the head”!?!

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