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The Firsts Channeling, May 24, 2007

     Good universe.  We are the Firsts.  It is good to be back in the Dome again.  We have given you data, information, symbols.  We have participated with you as you work your way to 2012.  Unlike the Eternals who sit back and let a planet mature by itself, the Firsts contribute energy, light, information, synchronicities to your planet so that as your uplifting occurs, there are people who have the information and the knowledge and the tools will be able to help the other people handle it.  We lecture again and again and  again about a couple of things. 
     We are adamant that your concept of ascension is to take your body with you and yet you are 10, 20, 30, 40 percent spirit in body.  We are adamant that as 2012 gets closer and the uplifting of humanity occurs, that you humans be fully in your body.  It is important.  The agreement between spirit and body is important.  Most of you want to be doing something else, want to be being something else and ignore the richness of your contract and the richness of your being.  And you do things, you do distraction, you do isolation, you do separation.  Souls and bodies need to come together in community, in common unity, in love and kindness. 
     As the planet prepares itself—and when I speak of the planet I don’t mean Gaia, I mean the people—prepares itself for the 2012, the use of the other 90% of your brain, it is potent, it is important for you to understand that being in your body, using your body as a temple instead of a tent is important, potent.  You’re moving along to a time and a place where it’s necessary for you to look at a few things. 
     One of the things that happens is that you have been asking for generations and hundreds of years about your past lives.  Who were you?  What bodies did your soul inhabit?  What did you do?  Who did you live with?  What did you think?  How did you feel?  For the uplifting to occur, for the completeness to occur, it is very important for you to look at your experiences as a spirit guide.  As many lifetimes as you have had past lives, you have had experiences as spirit guides.  We all want to know our spirit guides.  You ask Starr, “What are my spirit guides?  How come they don’t listen to me?”  Because you don’t listen to them.  “How can I talk to them?”  You must understand the basic principle that half of your existences have been spirit guides to other people. 
     Before you become a good chef, you were spirit guide to a good chef.  If you do not complete your soul contract, if you choose not to complete your soul contract—because your planet has more free will than most planets, then you come back to someone who is not completing their soul contract deeper, harder, with more resistance than you.  Before you are going to be anything of high vibration, you must spirit guide someone who is of that high vibration.  If your lesson is procrastination, trust that you spirit-guided the worst procrastinator last lifetime or several lifetimes ago. 
     The understanding that half the time you were male and half the time you were female is common knowledge among metaphysical communities around the world in your past lives.  The understanding and comprehension that half of your experiences were as spirit guides is not common.   I suggest instead of getting a past life reading, that you get a past spirit-guide experience reading.  It’s all there in the hall of records, the akashic records, what else you call them here.  Whatever you call them where the consciousness is kept of everything that was and will be. 
     Look.  Look who you are going to be embodied at by your next spirit guide lifetime.  Look who you as yet to be embodied as by your several last spirit guide lifetimes.  Are you going to write a book?  You probably were a spirit guide to somebody who wrote a book.  Are you going to heal?   You probably were a spirit guide who did this.  Are you going to struggle with it?  You probably were spirit guide to somebody who struggled with it. 
     It’s a point of fact.  It happens in spirit before it happens in body.  You get to test-drive the experience of free will by being a spirit guide to someone going through an experience that you choose.  You don’t sit there in the Guf and the Bardo and say, “It might be fun to be a chef.”  You’ve already been at that chef’s side through their mistakes, through their confusions, through their successes.  “Oh, it’s fun to write a book.”  You’ve been there next to that author when they were blocked and when the pages rolled off gently, easily, and quickly.  Before you commit to coming down into a physical body, making a soul contract, you’ve already energetically been there as a spirit guide.
     Today the Firsts want to give you the gift of the pie charts so would you please draw the first pie chart on this board?  And we are not going to pay attention to the inaccuracies and that it is not exactly center.  We are not going to be as anal attentive as we usually are in our world.  Would you please write “physical” in the big section of the body in the big section of the pie.  You doctor, would you go and get some paper out of the printer to give everyone something to write on so they can take pie notes?  Not pi but pie.  OK Starr, what’s with the two pies in Starr’s head?  I assume one is the mathematical symbol for a circle.  Is everybody doing ok?  Everyone’s a little silent.  We get to talk and talk and talk in a body.  We haven’t had one in a long time so this is a nice experience. 
      In any way, shape, or form put emotional, mental, and spiritual.  As you physically come into your body, whether it be 30% or 60%, and spiritually come in 30% or 60% . . .  And please understand that many humans are numb.  They cannot feel their clothes on their body.  They cannot sense a part of their body when they’re not focused on it. 
So we imagine that spirit and physical body are here fairly well and we’re going to call this life “strong.”  We’ve got some really humanoid names for the rest.  And the life description is that.  Since you were a child, you were physically strong.  If you were a girl, you were called a tom-girl.  As a child you did it.  You lifted in your teens.  You played a sport.  And in your life you had a job where your body needed to be physically strong.  Not necessarily lifting weights but we see it in many housewives and grandmothers.  They get up in the morning and they cook, they clean, they cook again, they clean again, they cook, they do the wash at night, raise the children.  There are many people who, for the majority of their life, are physically strong.  Their emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of their life are there equally and most of the time just an appetizer or a dessert of their emotional, mental, or spiritual life is taken.  They’re too tired to think, they’re too tired to feel, they’re too tired to do more than attend church occasionally.  The life description of this person focuses the majority of their energy on getting tasks done.
     The solution for a person, a client, is to get them to use their heart or their mind.  I would say get them to be spiritual but it’s a long reach and in certain ways, because they have accepted being here on planet earth, being your ditch digger, being your garbage man, they’re at a level of spiritual service that you cannot understand because for some of you spirituality is a sole amount of knowledge from your books and your seminars.  So I would say get them to be emotional or mental.
     What you need for them to change—the important thing for them to change—is for them to learn how to do down time.  Chill out.  Relax.  Rest.  And most importantly, to play. 
     Suggestions.  Involve them in processes where the body and the emotions or the body and the mind are combined.  You earthlings have various types of games that use the body and some games that use the body and mind.  Some activities—physical activities may include the body and heart.  Working with the humane society lifting the bags.  Find something to do where they can combine the emotional and the mental energies.
     I would like you to write mental up in the top part, please.  This pie is going to be called “wrong” not because it’s wrong to live this way but because of the fear of being wrong when the majority of your life and the majority of your energy is spent in the mental plane.  You’re wrong.  You’re rethinking the past and planning the future over and over again.  And it’s more important to be right, to be retentive, than it is how people feel about the schedule, whether it’s physically possible or not, and whether spirituality is included in it.  When the mental body consumes this much energy of the spirit and body together, all sorts of emotional friction occurs.  You argue with your loved ones over small things or nothing at all.  You physically take control.  You tell people where to sit.  You tell the taxis how to drive.  And unfortunately whatever little bit spiritual you are becomes exaggerated because in this particular combination, the ego runs amuck.  One book of spirituality makes you think you know it all.  Two books on nutrition make you think you know the body.  And your own feelings about what rigid mental beliefs are equal in your mind to other people’s feelings even though they may be more intense or less. 
     Starr has a saying in her head that the longest journey in the world is from the mind to the heart.  And it’s been around for a long period of time.  And the solution is to take the being who functions like this from the mind and put them into the heart.  Now I don’t know if there have been books written about this.  There are books written about being in your heart.  And there are books written about love.  To see a book that has the path, the process, the journey from the head to the heart is almost impossible because the journey is in multiple dimensions.  In many ways, shape, and form, it is something much more than an earthly experience.
     Suggestions.  When a person is strictly in their mental being for more than half of the time, reminders of wake-up calls . . .  And Starr says she has seen assholes and idiots move into their heart when they’ve fallen in love.  For them it helps them to remember what it was like when they first fell in love.  To remember what it was like when they held a kitten or a puppy or a brand new baby and spread that through their life. It is important for the wrongs to come into their heart.
     Would you please write emotional body on top.  From Starr’s wide, diverse, extremely large vocabulary we’re technically going to call this category “puddles and cuddles” because if they’re not crying, they’re hugging somebody, be it a tree . . .  There was a small suggestion about drama queen but there was a strong suggestion that puddles and cuddles would take the seriousness out of this material. 
     The life description is exactly that.  It’s that they’re madly in love with the idea of being loved.  Waiting for someone, needing someone to cuddle them.  And they’re in puddles of tears crying about things that they lost, not gained, crying about things that other people got that they didn’t.  The life description of puddles and cuddles is a roller coaster.  With that much emotional body being activated in spirit and body together, it’s enough to suck the life force out of their friends, family, automobiles, and pets.  Usually they don’t think.  Physically they’ll start something and not complete it.  And spiritually they’ll go from practitioner to practitioner waiting to hear the things they want to hear or hoping that something has changed when they haven’t taken the steps to change it.  We talked about how significant it was for someone who was mostly mental to get to their heart.  In just as many cases, for someone who is this emotional, it’s time for them to get some logic.  It’s time for them to get structure in their life.  When your feelings run your life, you spend your life feeling and your path, your purpose, your soul contract is not completed and you live in a world of emotional distractions.  And if it isn’t yours, trust me, you’ll find somebody else’s. 
     To change.  Commitment to path, to purpose.  Commitment to emotional education.  And some type of therapy.  In the United States therapy works well with people who are overly emotional. 
     Suggestions. Have them write their own movie.  Have them be the writer and the director.  Have it come with their own outcome.  Let their drama be on paper.  Let them write a sexy, sizzling novel and get paid for it.  Take the drama out of their life, put it on the material plane in black and white, and sell it. 
     You know Starr could have at least written this in here—oh, we didn’t give it to her.  We have blank sheets of paper to work with.  I think that’s ok.  All right, put the spiritual up there.  The name of this character when your spiritual body runs this much is called “fluffy and stuffy.”  If you’re not trying to fluff an aura, you’re standing up there talking about metaphysics in a very serious voice.  Spirituality is wonderful.  Connection to Source is great.  Remember moderation—in moderation.  We all know people who are so spiritually minded that they’re of no earthly good—a phrase from Starr’s head. 
People who have this much spiritual body running the show are waiting for the angels to pay the rent, spend their money like they’re an eighteen-year-old, and pray for miracles when a little bit of hard work and persistence would help with what they’re praying for miracles for. 
     Their life description is that they’re always waiting for their ship to come in. 
     The solution is to combine their spiritual beliefs and spiritual words with physical activity.  Go to the food bank and stack the cans.  Go feed the homeless.  And most importantly, the solution is for them to become personal.  Stop saving the whales.  Stop praying for world peace.  And pray for a lifetime of alignment with body and soul. 
The suggestion for fluffy and stuffy is to do practical, down to earth activities on a daily basis to maintain earth and to maintain their body. 
     Physical, big part, E, M, & S.  Not to be too serious about this, we’re going to call this much physical body “brawny and scrawny.”  The life description could be hypochondriac or a muscle man on steroids.  They pay constant physical attention to colds, cuts, bruises, minor diseases.  Every two months there’s something physical that isn’t operable, that’s out of whack, strained.  The physical body, the bowel movements, the food issues, the food issues, and some more food issues.  You know that there are planets that have to import food because all of the nutrients have been taken out.  You’re pretty lucky and yet you guys have food issues here.  The description handicapped, blind, deaf, athlete on steroids—there’s so much physical energy here that the emotional, mental, and spiritual energies are shrunk, numb.
     As far as the solution goes for this, we have not figured it out for you.  We do not comprehend on our species and our energies as light beings why physical energies can eat up 92% or 75% of this diagram’s life.  So the solution has yet to be figured out.
And what needs to change is that they need to stop being so self-centered and care for others which sometimes is impossible with a subtle body this big taking up spirit and body.  The suggestion is to get a pet.
     A few more and we will get to some other interesting material.  Will you please change that to emotional?  The name of this diagram is called hope and dope.  If your emotional body takes up this much of your energy, you need to numb yourself.  You probably have a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual addiction.  Or you’re probably in a state of hope—I hope the aliens come and get me.  We’re not coming until humanity’s ready.  I wish I had a million dollars.  Delusions of grandeur and ego run amuck on this emotional pry (pride?) and try.  And the try part comes from them trying to cope with so much emotion.  Sometimes these emotions are repressed.  Sometimes the person doesn’t look, feel, or act like they ever feel anything but the emotional body is repressing the emotions.  We the Firsts have no solution for this particular structure and we are hoping that humanoids can come up with something for this particular structure. 
And our suggestion would be, as Starr would tell people, “Get a life.”
     The next piece would be mental.  He name of this particular pie we call “leader and bleeder.”  With this much mental body occupying the spirit and body, we see strong control issues.  We see significant complaints, whining, and out of Starr’s brain something called squeaky wheel which doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.  Their life is a life of manipulation and most importantly, blame.  It is never their fault.  They always lost their job because of somebody else.  They spend more time talking about doing something than actually doing it.  They tell long stories about emotional times of their life where they pay attention to the descriptive words of the time.  And they profess to be deeply spiritual but do not have practices.  Once again the Firsts leave the solution to you, earthlings.  What do they have to change?  What are your suggestions for these people, for you, to work with?
     Spiritual, please.  We have not come up with a name for this spiritual pie,  Starr’s spirit guides have argued over and over again with us.  They wanted “boast and milk toast.”  We wanted “serious and delirious.”   So we decided not to name this and maybe, as you study these pie charts, you could name this.  The life description of this person—born again Christian, Jehovah’s witness—all seem to be adjectives in Starr’s head but yet those are titles and we do not want to make those people inappropriate or wrong.  But in the characterization, the mannerism of these people—holier than thou.  Their vices and their secrets become much more intense because they are secret.  And a phrase that we like in Starr’s head is that “You’re only as sick as your secrets”--this fits this description.    
   With so much spirituality, the mind and emotions don’t come into play.  Logically putting things into proportion, emotionally sensing and feeling things, and physically being able to take care of yourself in your day to day needs are a moot point. 
     And the last thing we want to say is for you people to come down to earth because we want you to come up from earth into the galactic realms.  But in this particular case the solution would be to come down to earth.
     What needs to change is your perspective of what is appropriate.  We have looked at many of your religions.  We have looked at many of your belief systems.  And we want to be very clear.  You have seven chakras; use them in that proportion.  The belief system that not having sex will make you more spiritual or the belief system that not having a home and only a beggar’s bowl will make you more spiritual or the belief system that not feeling any emotions will make you more spiritual . . .   In many of the planets with many of the sentient beings who have ascended, what happens is there is appropriateness—Starr’s favorite word.  The use of the seven chakras through your life in those proportions.  Now we know when you are a teenager and in your twenties—and on some planets it’s when you’re in your 100’s and 200’s—that there is a lot of sexual energy and a lot of experimentation.  We know that when you are more mature, that sexual energy may go away and you may be more spiritual or more emotional or more mental or you may use your heart chakra more.  When we say use your seven chakras in appropriate proportion, we don’t mean every day; we mean over your lifetime.
     So it is important when someone is this spiritual and they’re focused on their third eye and their crown chakra, it’s important to suggest to them to bring their awareness down to their other five chakras.
     OK, we’re bored with this.  This is all we’re going to do with this today.   As a light being having an experience in Starr’s body, I find this very intriguing.  I find the normal human standards do not apply to Starr.  Tie-dye and diamonds.  We do not see that in your normal fashion magazine.  Her way of thinking is strange and weird and that’s one of the reasons we have chosen her.  We would like to talk about the concept of sentient being.  I wish I could just psychically project my voice into your brain but the human anatomy is not there yet and it won’t be there for a little while though it’s definitely getting there. 
     There is a Starr drawing.  And Starr’s drawing and singing are pretty bad.  This is Starr’s drawing that we see in her brain of a human figure.  And we’re going to put a smile because in 2012 you’re about to use about 90% of your brain and you’re about to ascend and join the Galactic realms.  Either by intervention or by raising your vibration.  The piece that we don’t get, the piece that is not measurable is eleven pieces.  In the shamanistic teachings of the Koreans and the Mexicans, there is a belief system that there is a belief system that has definitely been integrated and stored in downloads in Starr’s head that above you there is a big force field that does not have a name.  It is like an upside down pyramid connected to Earth consciousness and that is the sum total of the average and above average consciousness of mankind.  Earth consciousness is at a level where you could ascend already.  You could join.  The consciousness you have of caring for other people, some of you.  The consciousness of tools that make things easy.  The consciousness of holistic foods.  The consciousness of organic health and nutrition.  The consciousness of work with life.  Some of you.  It is not multiplied enough through your population.  Number one:  feed the planet.  Number two: have medical access for the planet.  Automatically you will be welcomed with opened arms by many sentient beings to join the universal federation, the galactic federation, the galactic union.  So far we’re not giving you an “A” for that.
     So basically way up above all of us is our connection to earth consciousness.  This is the first time for mankind that we’re going to label these parts.  And we’re going to start by educating humans about the energetic field that is not measurable and that is very rarely mentioned.  Some shamans are aware of these areas but it’s very rarely studied and it is to be studied from this point forward.  Fortunately Starr has the mechanism where she can get this out.  And we rely a lot on her brain because there are so many facts from so many places and so we rely on her capacity and her staff to multiply this material and to get this material out.  So we’re going to start labeling these. 
     And we’re going to label this SHEA.  This is the sorting energy that sorts what you’re going to be conscious of.  When you’re driving down the street and there are two people walking across the street, you will be conscious—your eyes will follow one person.  This is the part that sorts the downloads.  When you’re sitting in front of a master teacher and the master teacher has 70 years of experience, you go to year 29.  This is the energetic part that sorts—now notice I’m not saying filters—that sorts for you where your subconscious, conscious, and unconscious attention—not intention—is placed.  This field has a state of essence that is beyond measurable to mankind so far, and will be measurable to mankind soon.  The quality of this particular field is directly related to your open-mindedness and your willingness to learn. 
     These names will make more sense in 2009 when we dictate some more stuff to you.  Farel is the energetic field directly related to your intention, directly related to your discipline.  Intention and discipline live in a space.  If you have a lack of discipline and your intention is good, you get what you get.  Really you have a saying on planet earth:  Spirit never gives you more than you can handle.  This is the area where Source and spirit checks whether it gives you a wakeup call, whether it gives you a new relationship in your life.  This is where it checks for your discipline and your intention to match.  For a new relationship, for a wakeup call, for an aha, an insight, an epiphany to happen, it must pass through this particular field.  If there was a word to describe this field, it would be sharp.  And not smart-sharp, Starr says, but sharp like a knife.  The bigger the edge of discipline, the more honed you intention is, it will be a state of sharpness that will be measured with this particular unmeasurable field above your head.
     Mura as about community.  Mura is about including.  Mura makes the decision about whether you talk to a stranger.  Mura makes the decision about what you have for dinner.  Mura makes you decide between a Cobb salad and a chicken salad.  Mura is the filter of physical experiences that match soul goals. 
     The one piece that you guys have got on planet earth is right here.  This piece is Eck.  It is the basis of the Eckankar teachings even though the teachings have distorted what part of this body is.  The Eck is the energetic field, the energetic substance that chooses when experience and learning become wisdom.  It’s a particular recipe for experience and learning to create wisdom.  Now some of us can cook and that means we can boil water, and some of us really can cook.  And some of us can make reservations.  So the eck is that place.  And the eck energetically will be described in words and measured in richness.  And not richness like money; richness like Starr’s love for chocolate.  Richness as in beauty, the color of a rose petal.  When this becomes a measurable field, the richness is what will become measurable to scientific and human people.
     The next body, for reasons known to us later on, is called the FIP.  And the fip is synchronicity, spontaneity, “how the hell did that happen?” and “where did this tee-shirt come from.  This is the place where the angels and spirit guides stir.  This is the place where you meet people, where there are no accidents why you meet people.  This is the place where the book falls off the shelf and hits you on the foot while you are in the store to get you to buy it.  This is where you sit by somebody on the plane and they become friends of yours.  This is very much connected to time, very much connected to the net of human consciousness.  This place will be energetically measured by quantum strings, by energetic strings that reach out, pulling people, events, things, flavors closer or farther away from us. 
     This is called PARA and para is the decision, the place where it is decided how much veil, how much resistance or substance is there between you and your psychic abilities, is between you and universal consciousness, is between you and night school, is between you and your own knowing, between you and your guides, and most importantly, between you and other humans.  If I was to put a word here that is appropriate—and I’m not going to put the word here so don’t write it down (but the word is connection.)  Don’t write it down unless you write it in quotes.  Don’t put it in the material unless you say it how I said it.  It’s about “connection” but this is not a big enough word.  Connection to other humans, connection to psychic abilities, connection to knowingness, connection between your inner self and outer self, yada yada yada. 
     Oh we like that saying.  Starr’s brain has so many interesting sayings.  As we developed, our words were to the point.  They were light-driven.  And if a word had a lot of light, it stayed in our language.  The thing we like about coming to Starr is that sometimes words don’t have a lot of light like yada, yada, yada yet they definite give an expression of something unexplainable yet understood where you can put your meaning into it.  For everybody here, yada yada means something just a little different.  And we find that an asset and a liability with your words here on planet earth.
     QUA.  Qua is the inventor’s space.  The favorite guy that hung out in Qua without having to go to another place was Einstein.  We’re getting to places where earth words are not big enough for these last three sections.  Bare with me for a minute while I sort through Starr’s vocabulary.  What not has arrived on earth yet.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically.  It is a place of inventors.  It is a place where some but not all authors go.  It is a place where some but not all mathematicians and physicists go.  If you look at a place recently in the 1980s where you would never have a restaurant with fusion food, where you mix Japanese with Korean and Chinese.  And all of a sudden in the mid 80’s, restaurants started combining food.  Some guy did it and it caught on.  But it wouldn’t have caught on in the seventies or the early eighties.  It is a place of matching and blending unsimilars. 
     The next space is going to be called Keta and Keta is the clock and the purse of karma.  Is it time for you to pay this karma back?  Is it time for you to purchase new karma?  We will have a complex 300 page dialogue with you at some point in time in 2010 about exactly what karma is galactically and universally (even though your karma on earth is different slightly, wholly, but not basically from what light being karma is like although we don’t use that word.)  Keta is what decides, unlike the synchronicity part, whether it’s time to invoke, activate karma or whether it’s time to hold it back.  Whether it’s time to give it to you in a big dose like in a car accident where you lie down for six months or whether it is time for you to stub your toe, cut your knee, and take it in small doses.  
     The best thing I can tell you is night school.  Gar is a place where you go to your astral plane.  Please understand that when you ascend, you’re going to have 144 planes.  It’s not going to be 144 dimensions.  Gar is the place where Starr teaches you, “Travel to the center of the sun and you can go to the astral plane of alien planets.  There’s the chamber of the heart.  She teaches you over and over again that if you focus on that before you go to sleep, you can go to the Pleiades, you can go to Arcturus, you can go to planets that aren’t even mentioned in your extra-terrestrial consciousness because they don’t speak loudly in their thoughts.  They don’t come to be channeled on planet earth.  But there are cat planets out there.  There are planets out there with sentient beings that you can go visit their astral plane.  The Firsts’ life is richer because we contact the subtle planes of many sentient beings.  We not only dream about being in our light body but we dream about being in Starr’s body and we dream about being in Arcturian and Pleaidian bodies, the greys, the greens, the reptoids, the denoids, and the other water people—we dream fully in their consciousness. 
     So the closest thing to Gar that Starr has taught you is night school.  It is access to higher planes and levels.  It is not the akashic records because the things haven’t happened yet.  When you got to the astral plane, you have seven or eight different outcomes.  All of the things on the astral plane don’t happen.  It’s a way to figure it out.  The Gar is bigger with us because we connect with all of the beings of the galactic universal consciousness (we’re not going to give you our name for this galactic federation.  That will come the day, the moment when earth rises.) 
     Next and hardest to explain is Futh.  I’m not sure if saying something here would screw it up.  I’m sorting through Starr’s brain and I’m not sure we have words for it.  I’m going back in Starr’s memory and I’m sitting with her in Africa with the Masai and she’s trying to explain cold like ice cream to them.  And they have no ice cubes and they have no cold.  And she’s saying stupid things to them like “the opposite of hot” when they have no concept.  I’m going to leave that particular place until I can get more time with Starr’s vocabulary and until planet earth can develop a little bit better until maybe there are some new words to define it.  Futh is undefinable in earthly terms.
     And then, of course, the eleventh place is the earthly consciousness which keeps you sealed in doing your own but emanates out to the universe.  It’s the outside layer of these eleven sections.  It is the container and it is also the radio station of what is going on—the pain, the love, the hurt, the bullshit on planet earth.  Now please understand that it kind of sucks right now.  There are wars and there are people starving in the United States.  There are many, many inappropriate energies.  And back to Starr’s teachings, back to what she has taught to you and what she’s learned.  And she says over and over again, when you pray for light and when you pray for ascension, everything unlike light—the shit—hits the fan.  You are at a period on earth where the negative energy through the war and through the political system, through children right here in Arkansas who don’t have enough food while we’re sending billions of dollars from the United States to other countries—that whole process is the darkness being let go of so that when ascension comes, there’s space for the light.  It is not a good feeling.  It is not good energy.  But every planet has to pump out its septic system.  It is your time to do that. 
     We have time for some questions. 

Q:  (inaudible)

THE FIRSTS:  OK.  So how do you get rid of a secret?  We get rid of a secret by doing what many groups do here in the United States.  The Blue Book says to share with another person.  The religions say that when you pray for things with two or more people under God, if your secret is drug addiction and you stop using drugs, it’s still a secret.  But if you share it with someone else and you pray together, it is no longer a secret.  It’s you and one other person and God, the fourth step, the inventory step, and the fifth step is when you share with somebody.  And that’s a very healing part when you vocalize it and let it out.  So you can’t get rid of your secrets.  You can’t throw your secrets away.  You can’t stop using drugs and be healed because it has not been expressed.  So you’re only as sick as your secrets.  And your secrets are sometimes hidden from yourself.  Sexual abuse is a secret that sometimes will be repressed.  Being beaten as a child is sometimes a secret that you have from yourself.  The way the humanoid is structured, secrets can happen in your life and be repressed until you get to the time when you are ready to handle them.  And some lifetimes we don’t get there.  Next question.

Q:  How do we keep from judging and pigeon-holing and labling people based on the pie charts and percentages that you have given us?

THE FIRSTS:  In a future channeling we are going to make a chart.  We the Firsts love charts.  It’s going to be called Idiots of Earth.  And it’s going to be the beings we create in our head—the judge, the critic, the loser.  We’re going to create a chart and show you how to get out of this chart.  First of all a chart and then steps going up and down to get out of the chart.  Starr says sometimes that if the name is catchy or hoaky . . .  we like to call it erroneous thought structures in the mental casing of humanoids.  She says that idiots of earth is a catchier name and is something that people will want to listen about.  “Erroneous thought patterns creating characters in human minds” would not even be read past the title.  So we’re playing a lot here for you.  So please remind Starr that we’ll do an Idiots of Earth channeling with the steps, the staircases of how to get out of the idiot characters in your head.  Next question.  You don’t want to know anything about the galaxy or the universe?  Do we need to say anything else?

Q:  (inaudible)

THE FIRSTS:  That’s it.  It challenges the Firsts’ vocabulary.  If you would have said the word “electricity” to someone in the 1800s or 1850s, it wouldn’t mean anything to them.  If you would have said the word quantum before 1920, it wouldn’t mean anything.  The words are not here yet.  And rather than insert Firsts’ words into earthling vocabulary, we would prefer to wait until you earth people invent them.

Q:  (inaudible)

THE FIRSTS:  Science and religion have both had positive and negative effects on mankind.  Science says if you can’t prove it and can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  Religion says, do it my way.  Follow God my way.  Both of them have taken the unstructured person and given them structure, and taken the non-evolved person and given them steps in evolution.  As you connect to the universal federation, science and religion will be reborn again.
All right, I’m out of here.  Good universe.

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